Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hi peeps!
Im so exhausted! I looks like a monster!Just came back from husband's kampung and then..we'll going to Langkawi tomorrow! ! I used to go to my husband's school reunion which we've had previously at his school last time. It was fun!
Pregnancy Diaries:

This few weeks has been great, I seem to be growing well and my belly is getting tight.Alhamdulillah, everything seems okay.BUT, I couldnt seem to get comfortable in the chairs.My butt is starting to ache when Im sitting down for long periods of time now.

  • Apeng is the happiest daddy now :-) because the baby are moving and, it is a fantastic feeling.Apeng keeps putting his hand on my tummy and everytime he puts his hand, the baby seems moving.

  • Sleeping this week hasnt been good either.I am really struggling to sleep on my back either on my sides.I seem to be getting a pain on my belly area.

  • I am also struggling to reach the bottom of my legs and feet.

  • We have been out and purchased my nursing bra ( hmm I need to change my bra also mehhh!)

  • The heat has not been good to me at all this while.Hopefully I will feel much better and this wether isnt so hot anymore.

  • Well, that's all from me this week.I only have two weeks before my next scan and..... we will going to Kiwi's Land( I heard it is a beautiful country!)YABEDA BEDUUUU.....Insya-Allah and alhamdulillah. So ,anybody wants anything? As usual, you may leave your message here or ring me!

Im looking forward guys!



Anonymous said...

hello there =)

im 1 of ur silent readers.. on & off la tapi.. hehe.. jus tot of getting some opinion fr u.. is it advisable for pregnant to travel by plane? is it safe? im thinking of travelling too but aint sure whether i should go ahead or not.. thanks dear!

DaZzlingLilLy said...

bestnya nak g langkawi esok...apa yg spesel bout kiwi land?

yaNa MaLeK said...


i've been ur silent reader for loong ago..but now i'm a blogger 2..
bestnye nak gi kiwi land...nanti update ye..btw i've link ur blog

The Queen Bee said...

pegi NZ ke? i nak kirim FM puhleeseee :D

jetsetter said...

hi dear,
U may travel from weeks 16-28 :-)
Of course u boleh.BUT pls, tny ur gynae jugak k:)

Anonymous said...

hi dear,

it's me again :) thanks so much 4 d info.. it helps a lot.. thanks!
sorry cuz banyak tanye.. hehe..

i have another concern.. what about the metal detector/x-ray thingy at the airport? is it safe for pregnant women to go thru it? did u go thru the x-ray thingy? thanks in advance darl!

p/s: im sure u r on cloud 9 after finding out dat u'll be getting a boy :) nice2.. wishing u all d very best w ur pregnancy.. insya Allah everything's gonna be just fine.. amin..