Monday, July 27, 2009

Part 1 -Kiwi Land

Pregnancy Diaries
24 weeks of pregnancy

Hi peeps!
As I promised, here are the photos at NZ.. Alhamdulillah,my journey to Auckland was quite OKAY( eventhough I had a probs at the KLIA regarding my tix and at the Auckland's Immigration) OF COURSE, I had to wait..about an hour just to be questioned by them regarding my pregnancy.

They were very kind to me tho.They were asking about my baby, my pregnancy.To be honest, I knew it, they were afraid if by any chance I had a baby while on vacation. Oh ya, some precautions needed to be taken when flying- I chose an aisle seat so that I can walk around(much easier to go in and out rather than sitting in the middle) And yes,please consider my frequent trips to the toilet.Hmm, hallmark of pregnancy,right?

Anyway, the cold weather doesnt stop us from jalan-jalan cari pasal.It doesnt snow there but it does get bitterly cold.The weather is quite unpredictable, it was raining that night.

We had dinner at International Food court.I had steak with rice.
After that, we headed to Foodtown(supermarket) in Auckland situated around 2km from our hotel.And yes, we walked to the place.Dekat je pun..
We were there to buy some foods for tomorrow morning since we were planning to go out.Basically Auckland has a great choices of food since they have many immigrants from that part of the world so we wont struggle to find good& halal foods.
We bought some fruits, bread and milk for our breakfast, since we were planning to leave at 9am.

OK then I am going to bed now as it's getting late and I need to wake up early tomorrow.So many things to do, ohh which remind me, Im still dont have any bajus to Haida&Dieah's wedding :p.
p.s:Stay tuned for Part 2!



Anonymous said...


i'm your silence reader..nk tanye weeks bape yg tkleh naik flight?

jetsetter said...

Hi Ano,
The best time to travel is in your second trimester or from weeks 16-28.
BUT ada certain doctor still bagi sampai weeks 32 jugak.
Depends how ur body mcm mana.Tp kalau dah lambat2 sgt, sure kita mcm dah tak larat&malas nk jalan dah kan :-)

AJ said...


May I have your email add.
Need to ask you something ..urm, personal..

Thanks Fadd

zue said...

hai..been there! foodtown is cool..hehe

n33za said...

what did they asked fadh about the pregnancy?nnt bole buat referrence..hehe

jetsetter said...

AJ - hye dear, mail me at

nurulzia said...

babe..u so glowing and u pun mantain jugak..cantik...take care tau...

Anonymous said...

kak fad,feel free to watch my baby 4d video ek ;)

Diyana Zulkifli said...

hai fadd..:).congrats!!mesti tak sabar2 kan nak jadi mama. saye pun tengah preknen lg ni for the 2nd baby. donat ni, member jenan aman. rajin2 le lawat blog kite.. la kite bersabar menempuh alam peknen yg serba serbi sweet n indah ni..hehe.

Diella Mustafa said...

haruslahhh glammm on that wedding ek???huhuhu. u look sexy in any way need to worry.heheh

dialicious said...

u pakai ape pun cantik Fad..seri ibu mengandung.silap2 outshine pengantin nanti.ahhaah..ur coming to majlis bertandang rite?oh yea..bestnye pegi Auckland..wuhuuuu

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owhhhh that steak looks soooo yummieeeeeee!!! :D
n seriously i can see the glow in ur face darling