Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hey everybody!
Im off to somewhere( which I dunno where yet!) from 2nd Feb-7th Feb.
I'm sorry to be leaving you guys( you have no idea I will miss you guys so badly!)
Jadi, jumpa kamu semua di kemudian hari!
p.s: Anybody can text me! I will reply:-)
Change of plan! We are going..Yups tomorrow!Anyway, here are my gedik moment with Apeng.There were makan-makan at K.Ita's place.
I told Apeng to sing ! He refused!

Well peeps, I really have nothing to say or jot down.Im gonna miss you guys!Muah

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Jalan-Jalan

Yayy, Apeng decided to celebrate CNY his way.Can you see his face?Okayyy the oyster tak sedap.Understood!
"You have to finish all!"
"Thank god u tak suka, then I can have all!..hahahah"
You have no idea Im craving for oyster !Sedap giller okay.

We had luncheon at Michelangelo’s Italian Kitchen .It was..superlicious!I mean the lobster pasta,Seriously!We had the tomato basil bruschetta,oh it is very light snack tho. This restaurant had offer a satisfying dining experience.

Ohh yes, after the tired day,we stopped at Bangsar Village to get some stuff. And yes, the quotes are soooo true!Fascinating!Love it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Early Gift :-)

An early birthday gift from "circle of friends" .Happy is not enough to describe the waves of emotions I’m feeling right now. Thank you so much!

You know what?
Love it!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè!!

Hye everybody! See, Im wearing RED, in spirit of CNY :-) .
It’s another year now, the 2009! As year 2009 is the year of Ox or the Buffalo- sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work.Urm, I wish all the best to everybody!
To my husband's families, Happy Chinese New Year ! And of course to Apeng baby,"nian nian you yu".


Sunday, January 25, 2009

I wish...

Well, Do I have to do this..??
ohh dear..At the request of a few persons in my life (including my other half Apeng, himself), I am creating a birthday wishlist.. Yippie, my birthday will be this coming 4th Feb!
Of course, I wish happiness,health and a long life for my husband.
And,Ya Allah, please make him loves me forever and ever, so that he can buy anything I want!
Next, I want babies *smile . Hope this year will bring us luck.
I heart Sexy Lingerie!
Oh pls, I have to have those!!

These photos are from Victoria's Secret .Somehow I love everything about Victoria's Secret.

And please, can anyone get me this: Long sleeve robe .This season is all about headbands! Hmm.. Hair Accessories ..yeah anything to do with hair thingy.I just love it!

I loveeeeeee Stacey Lapidus!

Bracelet/Bangle, of course! who doesnt?!
More Tops/Blouse ,yeah yeah..I couldnt ask more!

dress, Yep, I love mini dress or long dress, Im wearing it right home!hahahah

What can I say, I absolutely love the show..I mean Gossip Girls. I don’t know if it’s the fashion in there that’s making me adore it or the actual plot and characters, but I love it nonetheless.Regardless, everything about Blair , Serena, Jenny.. are just absolutely inspiring.
Gambar sekadar hiasan

Love this! Of course!

Earrings. Last time I purchased a "handmade earrings", Ithought they where going to be too big. Not at all! .I love big and bulky.

Long Necklaces.

Aromatheraphy Candles. I love the scent but lately I havent been able to find any ( yups, I was super busy). I wish I can have those BIG & BULKY candles..heheh

Inspiration books or Chick Flit Books. Somehow, I just bought a few books last weeks. Let's hope I can finish reading all :-)

Dinner/Eating out with friends and families. Oh, fancy dinner, romantic getaway! O..I wish!

Last but not least....mmm personally, I want all of you to pray and make dua' for our happiness, our health and wish all our dreams will come true :-)
Believe me, with all that I have now, it’s more than I could have asked or imagined! Alhamdulillah.

p.s: Oh..I feel guilty buat wishlist.hahahah.Im not begging anything guys!But thanks.


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Okeh, this is not home cooking! We were at Kelana Jaya and saw this long queue.The queue was endless when we got there, so Apeng decided to try.
"Ramai org tu..jom try"
"Bole..takda of us queue, and salah sorang chop meja"

1.Ikan Pari Bakar
2.Ikan Keli bakar
3.Ayam bakar
4.Nasi putih + Kuah
And all of this costed us..RM18 :-)

Overall, the foods were OK,
I dunno why somehow I prefer ..hmm other places?!.Maybe kuah/sambal lain sikit.
So far, the only places we know that specialise in ikan bakar are the row of gerai at Jalan Bellamy located somewhere behind Istana Negara.

Cooking with love

Macaroni and cheeseGrill chicken
brown sauce
This is home cooking at its very best: simple, seasonal and absolutely delicious .People cherish home-made gifts or..home cooks and this is one we will truly adore ... I love to cook( Gosh I must be joking..hahah)
"I kenyang sgt ni.."
"Sbb mkn bnyk ke?"
"Sbb u masak dgn kasih sayang *big grin"
Ouch..My husband in his own amazing and touching words!

And yes, few weeks ago, I went to see Haida. Hmm spent at her place after breakfast till noon. I love talking to you darling!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love TIFFANY..

Who doesnt??
Oh, dont get me wrong! Not THAT Tiffany:p..Hmm.I mean- Breakfast at Tiffany's. Im a huge fan peeps.Believe me..Ive been watching this movie..again and again! Ive lost count how many times..
By the way, many thanks to Hepburn that the little back dress remains " a must have" in wardrobe and with her enduring classic to this day.The iconic black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was specially made for her.

AND..listen here-Audrey Hepburn slipped ballet flats..yes you heard me.!!! Most of us rarely wear flats, the high heel being our favorite glamour accessory, but every once in a while a flat shoe is idea.It is timeless appeal. Ballet flats are comfy but never boring and sensible,practical and ...still sexy( at least to me).I always imagine myself slipped ballet flats and listen to "La vie en rose".Oh please, let me have THIS!*big grin

But of course..high heels are sexy :-)
p.s: Ini adalah luahan perasaan bila seseorang itu kena BEDREST.:-)


Nak Tanya!

Hey everybody!
I got "this" from my Chinese friend..hmm the Q is..Is it halal?
They claimed it is made of Chinese herbs.Ape tak bestnya, bila buka, kt dlm tu ada leaflet, pastu tulis: this product contains animal parts. Confused!