Sunday, January 25, 2009

I wish...

Well, Do I have to do this..??
ohh dear..At the request of a few persons in my life (including my other half Apeng, himself), I am creating a birthday wishlist.. Yippie, my birthday will be this coming 4th Feb!
Of course, I wish happiness,health and a long life for my husband.
And,Ya Allah, please make him loves me forever and ever, so that he can buy anything I want!
Next, I want babies *smile . Hope this year will bring us luck.
I heart Sexy Lingerie!
Oh pls, I have to have those!!

These photos are from Victoria's Secret .Somehow I love everything about Victoria's Secret.

And please, can anyone get me this: Long sleeve robe .This season is all about headbands! Hmm.. Hair Accessories ..yeah anything to do with hair thingy.I just love it!

I loveeeeeee Stacey Lapidus!

Bracelet/Bangle, of course! who doesnt?!
More Tops/Blouse ,yeah yeah..I couldnt ask more!

dress, Yep, I love mini dress or long dress, Im wearing it right home!hahahah

What can I say, I absolutely love the show..I mean Gossip Girls. I don’t know if it’s the fashion in there that’s making me adore it or the actual plot and characters, but I love it nonetheless.Regardless, everything about Blair , Serena, Jenny.. are just absolutely inspiring.
Gambar sekadar hiasan

Love this! Of course!

Earrings. Last time I purchased a "handmade earrings", Ithought they where going to be too big. Not at all! .I love big and bulky.

Long Necklaces.

Aromatheraphy Candles. I love the scent but lately I havent been able to find any ( yups, I was super busy). I wish I can have those BIG & BULKY candles..heheh

Inspiration books or Chick Flit Books. Somehow, I just bought a few books last weeks. Let's hope I can finish reading all :-)

Dinner/Eating out with friends and families. Oh, fancy dinner, romantic getaway! O..I wish!

Last but not least....mmm personally, I want all of you to pray and make dua' for our happiness, our health and wish all our dreams will come true :-)
Believe me, with all that I have now, it’s more than I could have asked or imagined! Alhamdulillah.

p.s: Oh..I feel guilty buat wishlist.hahahah.Im not begging anything guys!But thanks.


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Ninie said...

yayyy..our birthday is around the corner...hihih...hope u will get all ur wishlist dear...