Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mummy Diella???Congrats~

Urm Finally!Ive been waiting this moment, to visit Diella. Last time, we couldnt make it to the hospital due to kesulitan tidak dpt dielakkan. As for now, we are super- duper busy but still manage "curi masa" and went to visit her.
My darling Diella recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl . The road journey to Raub took about..hmm nearly 3 hrs.
We had stopped a few places tho :-)
Diella's bundle of joy:
Qaseh Ixora!

Qaseh with her aunty fadd :p .

Did I mention that we managed to take a nap at Diella's house?Apeng slept about..30 minutes. We had fun there, dah buat mcm rumah sendiri. And Diella's dad who was at home, prepared us mee goreng. We left Diella's place at 6pm and had toothsome dinner at Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Raub ...

Of course we did enjoyed our dinner.Satu je nak kata L.I.C.I.N.

After having dinner in Raub, we made our way back to Shah Alam and ...reached home nearly 930 pm :-).

p.s: Urmm..bnyk sungguh baby nk kna visit! will do soon, those yg I tak visit lagi.Bertambah anak-anakku..anak sendiri bila ek?Soon..amin :-)


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CikChelsea said...

congrats to k.diella too~

p/s: hoi hoii kamu membuat muke macam cute???sengaja mahu menayang dimple kah???

muahahaha :p