Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Me=Cartoon Junkie

Are you a cartoon junkie? Can you believe that Im still watching it?Ever since I was a kiddo, Im really hooked up to watch cartoons..now that Im 25, yups turning 26 years old on 4th Feb( yups, that's a hint baby..hahahah).
I love watching any cartoons. I even enjoyed watching Playhouse Disney- ooh&aah, Higglytown Heroes, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, Charlie and Lola...and..many more! ( pls,dont make me list down all yah- kang tak cukup space)
Anyway,few months ago, one of my baking Guru asked us( they were 3 of us )
"Does anyone knows what is Pocoyo ??How it looks like?And this one fella who came from USA wanted me to surprise her daughter with Pinky&Brain.And do you know what is Chowder?"
" sorry Madam, tatau" both of them answered
"and you ?"

"Pocoyo?adorable!In fact they won a British Kids Award!I love..his adventures are hilarious and his laughter and dancing are contagious.I can give you the pics. Pinky &Brain cartoon lama.But I will try to find.I still remember the theme songs
They're Pinky and The Brain Yes,
and The Brain One is a genius.
The other's insane. They're laboratory mice.
Their genes have been spliced ...
"ohh ya..Chowder dreams of becoming a great chef someday, hmm sounds like me huh?They inspire me Madam.That's why I love watching them"

"seriously, what cartoon yg u tak tgk ni?"

And to tell you how serious I am, I even try to google on "Toopy and Binoo"or anything about anime.Hmm, did I mention that Im in love with Hannah Montana Character?Or any Disney movies?I feel good..Oyehhh~



The Queen Bee said...

biar betik u ni!! hihihi mmg kanak2 riang! hihih bole la gang dgn maid i and hariz. hariz pun suka pocoyo!

dialicious said...

Errr...u gotta be my nephew's bestfren..hahaha..anak kak yana will stand by in front of telly at 12mid every nite for Sesame Street and sumtimes I was forced to accompany him watching cartoons..damn..hahaha

nyz said...

I've been your silent reader for awhile now. Currently am leaving comments on blogs that I read to donate to the Palestine Relief Fund. Please visit this link for further information. Thank You.

p.s: I'm in not associated with MERCY. Just thought I do my part and spread the word.

jetsetter said...

Diah- Ohh..Zaki suka yerr..bole kawan ngn aunty fadd mcm ni!heheh..
Hey, u pe cerita!

hanis-seryes suka la yanggg