Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Jalan-Jalan

Yayy, Apeng decided to celebrate CNY his way.Can you see his face?Okayyy the oyster tak sedap.Understood!
"You have to finish all!"
"Thank god u tak suka, then I can have all!..hahahah"
You have no idea Im craving for oyster !Sedap giller okay.

We had luncheon at Michelangelo’s Italian Kitchen .It was..superlicious!I mean the lobster pasta,Seriously!We had the tomato basil bruschetta,oh it is very light snack tho. This restaurant had offer a satisfying dining experience.

Ohh yes, after the tired day,we stopped at Bangsar Village to get some stuff. And yes, the quotes are soooo true!Fascinating!Love it!


Anonymous said...

lobster pasta makes me hungryla when is ur bday?around d corner aite?

jetsetter said...

Yes dear,
4th Feb :-)

The Queen Bee said...

yeah i loveeee lobster pasta from Michelangelo! sedapnye!! tapi skit je kan portion dia. mahai! hehe

cat said...

hi dear....nice bag! u beli kat mana? Been trying to get one myself in the same colour.

cat said...

Hi dear,

Luv your bag! U beli kat mana? Been trying to one myself tapi colour tu dah tak ada......


The Mrs-Bride said...

ohh i love lobsterrr!! :D

I am a mommy to be said...

hey babe, happy blated bday to u! i tau time ni u takde sini. hehehe. mwah!