Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to Penang

We went to Penang to attend Yein's wedding. We left our house nearly 10am and reached there around 3pm. Good things, we managed to gather all. As usual, when I was in Jenan's community, pecah perutku dibuatnya.I tell you what..they are seriously hilarious! Meeting with most of the Jenan's has made my day!Thanks guys :-)

I just had enough with all the poses..but seriously all of them were so sporting!
Apeng's greatest friends
I love this photo, umm..Can you spot LEEN? and how HAPPY Leen was?hahhaha.Sorry dear I shouldnt upload this photo but I just love they way u giggle :p

So, our next program was- tadaaaaa...visited Bukit Bendera.Penang Hill is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Chop Bukit Bendera sama ke translation ngn Penang Hill? :p.
the most popular and recommended way for tourists is to take the funicular train. There is a waiting time and so plan ahead. Round trip ticket at RM4 for an adult is a steal!!!
While waiting for the train,we had our juices at the nearby stall.
Ha..nampak tak perut sape kt blakang?Teka jgn tak teka!
Can you spot which one is Jenan??

In the train.It was so..crowded!!
You will see breathetaking views on the way up and once up the top.Unfortunately we cant see anything.It was raining.

Sweet couple :-)..meant to be together!And yes..baby bump- Jenan Jr..yippie~
The freshness of the air on the top is really good and its a perfect getaway from the city environment. There is a mosque, Hindu Temple , church,Post Office..hotels, restaurants... on top of the hill. Everyone agreed that this is a "must do thing" for anyone who goes to Penang..right?
Yg paling best masa nk turun, Jenan ni sgtla bising sampai conquer satu space in the train tu.Bising habis..( but It was the best things!) bila sampai station Air Hitam tu, pintu coach kami yg tak terbuka.Mcm kena kurung la. Semua mcm dah cuak.Hahha..TP at last org tu bukakan la, and dia siap tny asal dr mana..EXCITED sgt dia kata.OMG, I love that moment!
At night, we went to Padang Brown. I told everbody that I was so hungry :p.Being fussy me I always need my proper meals..BUT , I dont give a damn what to have that night because I was so starving! And please bear in mind that I dont eat late night snacks(yups, Im so fussy)But when I was jalan-jalan, I give an exceptional. I don't want to miss out on my favourite foods/Penang delights..exactly!!!

So our dinner :Pesembur+mee mamak.

Mee goreng mamak: Penang style.
We had our fantastic trip! Lepas kenyang, we headed to Pasar Malam at batu Ferringhi.

Now, you'll most likely hear about this place from everybody.The nite market opens around 8pm till 12am.The night market buzzes and stall after stall compete with each other to sell their wares. Here you can buy all manner of souvenirs, fake watches, fake branded handbags and t- shirts. DVD's are big business in the night market and you can get all the latest releases here.

Lepas tu sambung lagi char koay teow sampai kul 3am berjalan, bole?hahahah
Yours truly, Leen and Mum-to-be:Aima slept at hotel together! Yay, satu katil okeh!Sukaaa...hahaha. Apeng, Koben and the boys were sleeping at "Manai's Villa" :p.

I hope you had a pleasant stay at the "Villa"cos we did .


I woke up at 630am and took my shower.I packed my stuff and left hotel nearly 830am. We were rushing, my Apeng has been called into work that night. I enjoyed my weekend. I was able to see bunch of friends at the wedding. The wedding that I went to was a blast, including Mueim's wedding at Sitiawan!

To Mueim& wife,

We wish you all the best! And welcome to the club!

The club that full of rahmat.




khidir said...

yup. the bkt bendera is quite boring without us. tu yg d driver held us in it..

baby30 said...

babe,is jenan and sm sc sltn abd halim is the same?u hubs n u both from the same school ke?which batch ya?;) my cousin was schooling there to.spm 99 i guess :D

Ratih Sulastri said...

Hi there! I really like your green baju kurung! Do u mind telling me where's the kain from?thanks.

jetsetter said...

hi ratih!!
Thanks for visiting!
For ur info, I bought the kain from Dubai...dadadada..JOKING!!! hahah..I bought it from Giant Shah Alam Sek.13(yg ada booth bnyk2 tu) And it was a great deal!Less than RM80!!Hey, benda murah sometimes cantik ape salah kan?? :-)

Ratih Sulastri said...

Thanks for the info Fadd :) Yup, whats wrong with benda murah kan? I pon takde hal,janji cantik. Tapi serious I suka kain u! Dah la I gila gree. Heheh. Thanks again

Ninie said...

cantiknya baju pengantin yg pink tu, sweet...suka ur baju jgak..cantik plak buat baju hijau kain pink ekk..boleh try ni hihihi

Wady said...

Hahaha...perut kamal bapak aaahh besar siot...

Wady said...

Perut kamal..bapak aaahhh..besaq gila..muahahahaha..yg tuh ja aku nmpak....rugi nya xdpt join..huhu