Friday, January 9, 2009

New year 2009

Yo! happy new year peeps! We here( my husband and me) are all about self-improvement. Believe me, we are trying our best ,so please dont judge us :-)
No, we're not going to waste your time telling you all of our unfulfilled resolutions from years past. Instead, being "US", we figured that we are so lucky in everything.Alhamdulillah.
Anyway, my Apeng was away during the New Year Eve. K.Ita had invited us for 'makan-makan+ swimming+karoeke session" at her place, since husband was not around.As usual, Ummi joined " the orang lama group". I can see she enjoyed talking to the aunties.

Yups, we were at karoeke room at the evening. Ummi ( hmm, I cant believe that my mum..she absolutely can sing! I wish I can have her talent..). Sporting habes!
Suddenly Ummi told me
"Dulu Ummi nyanyi kt org kawin.."
I was..OMG! Is that true????????
I hope everything that we plan ahead will come true ,amin.
Oh, Apeng suh diriku stop " gossiping"-
"Biarla org tu nak beli ape pun..nak buat ape pun..bukan kena mengena ngn kita!!"
bole ayat dia macam tu???
-Not that I loveeee gossip(Im watching GOSSIP GIRLS peeps!) tp kdg2 tu TERGOSSIP jugak kan :p ( yeaaa..I admit that! ) but I hate myself in that position!
,..hmm..Everyday ,Im more and more motivated to stop it.Gossip is a destructive habit that can ruin a friendship and turn someone's life upside down. You can't make someone else stop gossiping but ...I can prevent myself..right? yups, I told ya guys, me not perfect.But I will try my best...The best way to control gossip is to stop it before it starts.
NOTE/CAUTION!!!! Peringatan ini untukku..tidak kena mengena dengan mana-mana pihak.
So peeps, from the bottom of my heart, di tahun baru ini, Im sorry for everything if I did something wrong..I regret it.Sorry.Love u guys!Muah


cdalan said...

cantek la this place. mind telling mane?

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh laki ku said the same thing...
patut lar diorang dua housemate, they think alike i guess...hihi

CikChelsea said...

kakak..rumah kak ita itu sgt la gorjessss...n i'm sure yours too ;)

tak sabar nk tgk :D

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

goshhhhh...thats a gorgeous house!!! love the living hall concept!!!!!!!!!! ;)
on another note, insyaallah we all try our very best to move improve for the better ;)

Nana said...

Hi there!!! Gossipping .. sigh! I have been guilty of that too .. in the end it did me more harm than good .. sedih! tu lah kena belajar senyap2 sikit hehe!

dialicious said...

hahahha..when i read wut apeng advised u tu kaN,i tergelak coz my fiancee also told me the same thing.But since Im w him mmg xde chance nak gosip lansung,seriously,terpakse gosip blkg2 die.hahaha..but ur absolutely right..we always hafta look positive towards everybody!nway fab house!

Ninie said...

yyaaaa mmg gorjess this the curtain & pool tu! bestnya dpt hse mcm ni...