Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have a very good buddies at my gym(though, sometimes they are older than me) So here my chit-chats that day :
Person A (chinese): Everybody is talking about M*** & Ek**, who are they?
Person B (malay) :Ohh, U tak kenal ke?M*** fames tau.Ala, yg masuk reality show tu..
Person A : Ohh izzit? Ive read somewhere, he told everybody that his wife is very "jimat person"
Me : Owh, I pun jimat jugak! Sama la tu I n Ek***, * wink
Person A : Which part of you yg "jimat"?
Me : I jimat duit I, duit husband I, I tak jimat la...hahahah, Kira in "jimat" category jugak la...:p Whaddaya think?



mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i luv that thinking!!! =)

neeza said...

dear..u bukan kat penang ke?

ScHiKOnG said...

hehe..i like that statement... duit i jimat la.. duit hubby boleh joli...;p

mommylyssa said...

this made me smile!! love the way you "jimat" :-D

Ninie said...

betul2 tuu...hihihi...