Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love TIFFANY..

Who doesnt??
Oh, dont get me wrong! Not THAT Tiffany:p..Hmm.I mean- Breakfast at Tiffany's. Im a huge fan peeps.Believe me..Ive been watching this movie..again and again! Ive lost count how many times..
By the way, many thanks to Hepburn that the little back dress remains " a must have" in wardrobe and with her enduring classic to this day.The iconic black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was specially made for her.

AND..listen here-Audrey Hepburn slipped ballet flats..yes you heard me.!!! Most of us rarely wear flats, the high heel being our favorite glamour accessory, but every once in a while a flat shoe is idea.It is timeless appeal. Ballet flats are comfy but never boring and sensible,practical and ...still sexy( at least to me).I always imagine myself slipped ballet flats and listen to "La vie en rose".Oh please, let me have THIS!*big grin

But of course..high heels are sexy :-)
p.s: Ini adalah luahan perasaan bila seseorang itu kena BEDREST.:-)



nurulzia said...

tapi kan..i prefered flat..more comfort and sebab i dah tinggi kot..huhuhu..but for casual la..heels are more to office wear, dinner or wif baju kurung..

jetsetter said...

I suka gak heels, tapi bukan semua tempat la kita pakai kan.Flat mcm A MUST for me :-)

shoe-addict-mom said...

yup, me too! FLATS mesti ada! takkan nak casual outing pakai heels kan? hehe.. and i LOVE audrey too!! classic beauty!

neeza said...

happy bedresting fadh!
sure ade good news lepas nih..hehe..

jetsetter said...

Happy..happy. Good news??ADAAA..of course!! Good news- I bole shopping dgn jayanya lepas ni..hahahah

nurulzia said...

kite dah cukup tinggi..hehehe..so flat pun dah cukup..hehehe
u trus semangat yek bile i ckp nak beli shuz CD and SF? i tau u pun hantu shopping kan?hehehehehe..

nurulzia said...

dear, kite sebaya la...hehehehe..

jetsetter said...

Heyy....CD" SF kasut peee?hupdate cepat!hehheh :-)
Ohh, sebaya..

jetsetter said...

shoe addict,
Of course..:-) ..

mama-ir said...

Fad, kena bed rest? alahai... rest cukup2 ye...