Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I woke up around 6.45 am on Sunday for our trip to Hutan Lipur, and packed my bag. Im a..hmm not only a cartoon junkie..but also a waterfall hunter! Ohh yaayy.My husband and me spent our weekends at this Hutan Lipur. The sites by the waterfall and along the river make ideal spots for picnics with families and friends.
I've been wanting to visit a waterfall for a long time and finally..!! We came here for a little excitement in the jungles of Hutan Lipur. Betapa segarnya udara ! I should have brought all my picnics stuff, including dapur camping,monopoly-games, makanan and etc. Luper pulak.Dah sampai sana baru teringat. Next time baby!
In my excitement I was especially careful not to trip over the slippery rocks.Careful fadd!! :-)
If you are hoping to do some waterfall hikes on an upcoming trip to any waterfalls..count me in!! I loikeee! ( oops..tak sedar diri kejap, taklih buat activity camtu buat masa ni!) Next year..here I come peeps!
Pregnant Diaries:
  • Sgt in good mood.Takda mood swing langsung.Sukaaaaaaaa :-)Ke after 2nd or 3rd trimester baru ada? Ohh tidaaaaaaakkk.
  • Sgt happy!
  • Alhamdulillah takda muntah2. Lucky me huh?
  • Suka mkn nasi ( pagi-, ptg and malam), tak suka roti2, pastry or wut so eva!
  • Hate western foods! I used to like Tony Romas so badly.
  • I hate mee curry yg I used to like. Taklih nak telan.
  • Tak suka bersiap.Malas.Nak sapu sunblock pun malas.Malas.Malas.Malas.
  • Suka mkn food Kelantan,Terengganu and Pahang- Pantai Timur.Tolongla..Im craving ETOK so badly now!

Okay, that's all for now. I will write more!Muah.Keep in touch, will ya?



f.i.e.z.a said...

welcome back fadd.i miss u!!
take good care of urself k..

The Mrs-Bride said...

dear, i sukaaa waterfall too! that's the 1st thing i "crave" for bila preggy.. tp takde sape nak bawak.. risau sgt kat i.. takot jatuh la.. takot tersampuk la.. itu la ini la.. haihh! kene tunggu baby kuar then baby besar sket laa kot baru leh gi waterfall.. huhuhu..

u take care aite!! looking good btw.. *wink*

jetsetter said...

Thanks girl.I miss u too.Bila nk dtg siniii

How come kan I asyik add u kt YM u takda eh???apakahhhh

shoe-addict-mom said...

sis! u look good! great to hear from u again.. take care ok? jgn lasak sgt!

dialicious said...

u dh boleh jalan2 yer fadd?i thought kene bedridden 3 mths..hehehe..nway take care pls!

Alice said...

Hi Fadd,
i'm ur new blog reader.. i pun craving for etok so badly tak dpt2 until now. Ada tak terfikir nak makan masak gulai siput pantai timur .. sedappp.

The Mrs-Bride said...

Fadd dear, go ask Iza what's my YM ID again.. I pun dok tunggu lahh u kat YM tapi asyik takde.. haihh! Btw, tny Iza okeh! Hope to talk to u soon.. :D