Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ladies Night..oyaaay!

Dear readers,

Im glad that Im typing again! Yeaaayyy.Let's talk about my ladies night at MATRADE with dear friend, Anis.. Oooh there were massive traffic jammed on Friday as you know, but hey, we managed to be there on time!! Me aka lazybum ,managed to get ready in just 30 mins, have no idea what to dress on that night!

"nak pakai ape ni?"

"Ala..pakai je aper adaaaa...baju kurung boleh..long dress boleh..aper2 la."

" Ala..malas la nak gi.Sgt malas ni.Aku nak mandi pun malas ni nak siap2"

"dah dah....Im on my way, aku tunggu kt bwh .I'll wait in the car.Cepatttt"

" What???????????? Ya Allah..gimme 30 mins, boleh?"

" aku dah otw! Cepat!"

Please be noticed that I pretty much blew off every other event I was supposed to attend :p.Urmm..reason? MALAS. But not this one! Amazing!!!Thanks to you dear who keep on forcing me..Hahaah.In the car, we filled it with giggles and girls talk.
Were there by 8pm and collect our door gift.
As you can see, our menu were:

Im not sure how yummy the food was cos I already had my dinner earlier. Lucky me cos they started a lil bit late( ohh yes, they have to wait for the VIPs)

This songket really caught my eyes :-)

Tadaaa..sorry guys.Lambat amik gambar.

I didnt bring my cam, all the photos taken by hp!

Next,Poco-poco dance..Cayalah! Basically it is an easy step. And it was super fun! Poco Poco” is a Indonesian line dance which became extremely popular throughout Indonesia , followed by Malaysia.I’ve heard about this dance many times before but not until Friday night did I hear the song and saw the dance myself :-)

I had a blast ..I met so many cool and nice people. Everything brilliant though.

Pregnancy Diaries:

Ohh ya, I really miss my boy and baby girl.Moksu loves you sweetheart! Will see you next week on your mama's birthday, right?Oh ya, I asked Rayyan to be a lil bit creative on his mama's birthday.Let see how his brain works.
Dont worry sayang, Moksu will help you!
My dear Hanim called me just now ( oops..sorry revealing ur identity :-) good way takpe kan.Beliau telah menasihati saya agar tidak memasuki hutan.Ditakuti makhluk halus mengacau kita.Bila difikirkan balik, you are so true dear! And please, silalah nasihatkan I selalu :-) Im human ,tends to make mistake dear!
Thanks for your concern.

Till then. Thanks for reading my blog.
You guys rocks!!
!And yes, your advise is most welcome!

p.s: Dieah..Im not a doughnut lover tp ur entry..memanggil2 :-)



dialicious said...

huhuh...u craving ye fadd?
muka pun dh naik seri ni..seriously!
dinner organized by whom?cam best je

Princessa said...

Hi Fadd...been a reader of ur blog for quite some time and now that I have my own..I'm linking urs ! ;) hope that's ok..

Anyway,read in one of ur post ..ur kampung dkt besut ??

Mine too...dkt alor lintah..hehe

I heart alor lintah and pasaraya econjaya...and ada yg baru tu tak ingat nama...

Also...congrats on the pregnancy...and take care ! ;)

f.i.e.z.a said...

fad dearie, i lost ur numb..huhu..can u plis leave ur numb kat my ym.offline xpe i can check later on..
i dtg kl bln july nanti.x lama lagi tu.yay!
btw, u look berisi sket which is good. ;)

nisa said...

i sbg kelantanese, nak tgelak tgk u tulis ETOK! sbb xsangka u tau mende tu..ada darah pantai timur gak ker? sbb u also address urself as 'moksu'..
as in pregnancy, kita sama la, i dulu xder lgsg morning sickness..n juga sgt malas nak berdandan, bsiap..tp i suka mkn mamak food lak sbb hubby ada darah Png..
neway, take care Fadd..

jetsetter said...

Bed rest? No lah.I tak online sbb takda internet connection :-)

Seryes? Mine in Kg Pulau Panjang.Yay! Ivefound my Besutmates.

Will do!

I ore Besut :-)

~LIZA~ said...

looking good :)

ps. a'ah la, dah lama tak borak kan? i'm ok.. so how r u?

Princessa said...

Fadd...tu lah...Besut ruless !!

hehe..dah lebih2 plak..actually kampung my mom..but I d like to think of myself as a Kelantanese jugak..or tganuians..(tp kita ckp loghat kelantan kan ?)

Kalau u blk Besut lg,singgahlah restaurant my aunty dkt Pantai Air Tawar..its a stemaboat place called White Ocean..ckp je ur my fren...nanti my aunty letak makan penuh satu meja utk u and family ;)

Take care dear!