Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bundle Of Joy

Yay! Here are the photos at Leen's place. Entry ni sebenarnya agak nak jeleskan Hanis& Iza sbb Leen buat tart sgt sedappppp, pastu roti sosej yg sungguh marvellous.I should have taken the photo but I was busy looking at Baby Asif. Sorry gals :p
Anyway, Asif is good as gold.Well-behave I can say. So adorable :-)
Leen's princess

Iman sang me a beautiful song by Agnes Monica.She swept me away!
I wish her dreams will come true.You know sweetheart, Aunt Fadd will always support you.
You have no idea Leen, I miss you so badly.
Look at him.He is such a baby-mellow,externally smiling and consistently demanding. And yes, his cues are easy to read.

Iman such a princess to me. Aunt Fadd cant stop thinking about you now.
Aima& Cobain's bundle of joy.Congrats guys.We love Asif too * smile*
Pregnancy Diaries:
A mix of excitement and sheer terror washed me over.I still stared at my belly in disbelief.
It seemed like , I just got married last week and were talking about honeymoon and the next, I was at the hospital, waiting for my prenatal check-up.
OMG! I cant wait to meet our baby :-)
As I've told you earlier, I didnt have the morning sickness.Hmm..I was so wrong! Now my body's on this wild, hormonal ride. Drowsy,sleepy,headache ...hmm I can say my constant companion now.
BUT Im still lucky, without vomiting ( or maybe not yet)
And yes, I need to pee exactly every 15 mins.

Anyway, I just had my monthly prenatal check up on 17th April.
Alhamdulillah, everything went well.
At 11 weeks old, our miracle was already so perfectly formed, yet so small, just 5.52 cm.The moment, I saw our baby at the monitor, all the inconveniences and frequent urination, hmm they just melted away.It doesnt matter anymore.
" This is going to happen, Im going to become a mommy!!!And my husband is the happiest person now. He just cant stop counting days* smile* "

Im praying everything will goes well.

p.s: Indahnya dunia, dilayan mcm puteri!!


f.i.e.z.a said...

im sooo hepi for u..rasa cam baru semlm jek kita jln g kolej sama2, mkn sama2, lepak sama2 n now ure going to be a mummy.
syukur alhamdulilah.. :)

p/s:my mum n dad kim salam.dorang pun hepi dgr ur hepi news..

bulat & matred n baby alesya said...

Congrats fadd!! welcome to the club dearie..
Mesti aman happy giler! Alhamdullillah.
take good care of yourself, the first three months is very important.
ko tayah wat keje berat2.. biar aman wat seme ok?

leeneel said...


I sgt gemuk! cam aku lak pregnant!
burukkk nyaaaaaaaaa!

miss u too!

Anonymous said...

hi kak fad ;).da start morning sickness ya?itz ok to have that experience.enuf rest will help u feel much better.anyway,ur baby is 2 days older than mine.hehe..alhamdulillah i didn't face any difficulty except d frequent urination (10-15min k?adoila..).lucky me coz inche suami yg kene itu sume.hehe..kl xcamane la nk ngajar kekanak kat skool ;p.REST..REST..REST ya!

nurulzia said...

dear..take care ok..keep urinate every 15 minutes?ade check urine tak?takut kene infections..coz i pun ade kene jugak..i mcm u la..selalu sgt pee..and doktor said its not normal..sebab we are not in our last stage kan..but now dah ok la..bykkna minum air even selalu pee..
take care tau..harus sgt2 berjaga..wah..nanti our baby sebaya la kan..hehehehe

The Mrs-Bride said...

dear, i can never stop smiling when i read ur "pregnancy diaries"... awww! yes, our babies are gonna be sebaya.. just like us! hehehe.. hey! ingat tak there's "something" yg i nak tunjuk u tu?? jeng jeng jeng... i lupa abt it and now dah teringat nih, balik nih i nak korek2 my things and i post up at my blog nnt okeh! wait for it... hihihihi! sgt horror n klakar okeh!! :D

u take care darl.. mwahs!

Diella Mustafa said...

mesti tak sabar nak tunggu ur newborn kan??hehehe.bleh main same2 ngan Qaseh nnt.kalo ko dpt baby boy bleh jd bf Qaseh.heheheh.

Arlina Rosli said...

hi there. saya mcm kenal leen ni...dia student uitm ke dulu... bole dpt her phone number x?

leeneel said...

Arlina Rosli :
I kenal u laaa...senior masa diploma :).
I dah sent u my contact number to ur mail..