Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Night Out

We attended Birthday& Anniversary Dinner at one of the hotel in Shah Alam.Nothing much to say except I was having fun with Anis all-night-long :-) And yeah, my lovely husband was the one who took all our photos.hehehe.

Pregnancy Diaries:
  • Tahap kemalasan sgt teruk now ni.Awful!
  • Ive lost my appetite. Tapi kalau tak mkn nanti loya.( Nausea and vomiting are first trimester event, yeahh will over soon* big grin*) In order to minimize my nausea, I will eat before Im hungry,and yeahh eating small but frequently.About 6 times perday.This one to keep my blood sugar levels even.And of course, Im avoiding trigger foods and substitute alternatives as needed.
  • Im gaining weight!! YES.Good.Good.
  • I can feel waistline expansion( it's a good sign* happy me*)

That's all peeps.Will update anything else later.Have a nice day!



mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

dear, jgn lupe...start sapu cream/oil kt ur tummy from now to avoid stretchmark

shiela said...

Minum air bnyk2.Air masak tau.
I hope we can be a good friend.

Ninie said...

take care babe...nak bg tips about pregnancy blum ada experience lg...hihi

Nana said...

OOOoOooo Love you dress! Beli kat mana?

Pregnancy ... make sure you letak olive oil kat tummy you everynight. yes its messy but it work wonders .. better than any of the other products they sell on the shelves!