Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tributes To Our Moms

Dear Moms,
Happy Mother's Day.!! 10th May..right?
Im wishing all mommies who are reading my blog now * smile*

I miss my mom so badly now.Biasa la kan, kalau ada je masalah, aku mula la rindu Mi kan :p.BUT seriously,I miss her. Anyway, Im so lucky, I still have Mummy Noe to listen and she's my shoulder to cry on. Ever since my Mi left to Dubai, Mummy Noe called almost everyday just to say 'hi' and asking about my pregnancy journey. I know, I am lucky. At least. I have someone to talk. Even though I see her often, I miss her very much.Tambah pulak, hormon tak menentu so I need "org lama" punya tips especially about pregnancy. She's has been tremendously awesome! Mummy Noe carikan food yang I really wanted to eat ( since my Mi is not around), ohh ya, same goes to my dear friend Hanim. Giller tu, carikan Etok!:p

There was one day, I was crying because I miss Mi so badly.Deep inside,I know, I have to handle everything myself. Ive been taught to be independent since small.:-)

Hmm, it's true, there is no one like a mother.

Who else must juggle all the jobs necessary to raise a family in this day and age?At any given time, a mother may be called upon to be a cleaner, maid,PA, secretary, shopper,teacher,caretaker and the list goes on! Sometimes a mother must perform all these jobs at once.It's clear that the mothers are the original multitaskers.

Happy Mother's Day Moms.
Including to my husband's Emak @my mother in law.
Eventhough, we are not talking everyday or even seeing each other often, we would like to express our deepest love to you. We may adore each other or perhaps disagree all the time ( yeah this msg goes to My Mi too.Sometimes we argue , maybe we need to get ideas across, and get things done)
but what ever it is,
YOU ARE STILL OUR EMAK. You hold a very special place in our heart
No one can replace you.
"Aman is my husband, but he is still your baby boy.I promise that! I wont take him away from you."
Thanks for giving birth to a wonderful man!
I am so lucky, Emak.

How can we honor them or even thank our moms for the gift of life and unconditional love?
So this Mother's Day, give Mom that extra hug, and kiss and let her know just how special she is and that you appreciate all she has done for you.

Ohh ya, Mother's Day can be EVERYDAY huh!!! :-)
Pregnancy Diaries:

  • I lost appetite! I just dunno what to eat.
  • Ada rasa nk mkn lamb walau tak berapa nk telan ( tp ni bukan craving kot sbb I love lamb sgt2)
  • Malas dah kurang sikit. Tp after Zuhur harus mengantuk amat.
  • Perut dah tak rasa bloated sgt dah.Gassy pun dah kurang.

Well, yg lain-lain mcm biasalah, wait and see another few weeks.Tgk macam mana.

p.s: Dear husband, can we celebrate Mother's day since Im a mommy to-be? *wink*


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Anonymous said...

in msia rasanya mother's day in may kan... but everyday pun is mother's day ;)