Thursday, December 24, 2009

Selamat Bercuti Semua!

Dear Kazim,!
Im writing again ( yaaa..obviously because you cant write to me yet!:p).Mommy has a few plans.Remember I told you last night, Papa will be away on this coming New Year and..he might be away on Christmas Day? ( dont celebrate Christmas sayang... we do not celebrate Easter or halloween or thanksgiving - which aren't christian per se. Allah has given us two better ones- Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Mommy just loves the holiday season. The decorations are beautiful, the songs are catchy and gifts are always fun to give and receive. Mommy need to educate you about other religions in a respectful and honoring way.

I have to make it very clear to you which part of the holiday is "just for fun" as part of celebrating and which part we hold sacred.
But anyways,Im looking forward to celebrate New Year's Eve with you!Im a fireworks junkie since..FOREVER!but I dont think we can go out and watch the fireworks just the two of us. In that case Mommy will lights the candles and open the sparkling juice at home.Then,we will watch Chick-flit movies together ( since you cant choose anything yet:p)Papa and I have our own tradition;either makan-makan kat luar or makan-makan/bbq di rumah.I loves to throw a garden party, then set up the barbecue sbb mommy tak suka jalan semua jammed.Lagi baik duk rumah kan.

Since you are still a little boy,I think it's necessary for us to talk and get to know each other closer.Mommy will read you a story books,listen to the mozart and dancing together.This year, we will exchange gifts on New Year's Eve with families.We used to exchange gifts but only during Family Day( our family sebelah Papa kat Yong Peng) We loved it so much!We missed it so much too...Anyway here are the rules;Rules no.1- hadiah kena bawah RM10, rules No.2- Tak aci cari barang kt kedai RM1.99 ke..RM2 ke RM5 ke..Taklih!:p( well it just for fun!!So kena la creative kan.)..hmm aper ye?And Im still thinking what should I get for my husband.Any idea Kazim?And yes, Im still thinking what should we get for Cik Na's belated birthday :-)

So, let's go for gift hunting!
Shall we?


p.s: Happy holidays peeps!
Kami balik Yong Peng today!Nanti update later!


~ SueHarriz ~ said...

haloooo..thanx for reading my im readimg urs!! wowww..mommy..we shud meet up sometime.. =)
happy hols!

Drama Mama said...

wow that's challenging. i'm sure kazim can help his mummy cari hadiah yang paling best untuk daddy dia. hiks