Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Selamat Hari Lahir;Qaseh Ixora!!!!

Dear Kazim,
Last week, we went to Qaseh 1st birthday party. Since u were sleeping most of the time when we were there, let mommy tell u a story of what happens. Papa was working on that day therefore Papa couldn't accompany us to the birthday party. Initially, Mommy plan to take a taxi but a thousand thanx to Aunty Yana(Mommy panggil Kak Yana ), for her willingness to pick us up and bring us along to McDonald's in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. merci beaucoup :)
On arriving there, the host of the party, Aunty Diela and Uncle Nazri greet us with a big grin and smile on their face. Qaseh looks the part as the princess of the day, so cute with her pink shoe and white hair clip.
Food was served immediately once all the guests has arrived. It's "makan time". Thereafter, a cake was brought to the centre of the area and Qaseh with her parents blow the candle and cut the cake. The 'Happy Birthday' song was sang by all of us and it must be a soothing melody to U since U are fast asleep. :)
While waiting for Papa to pick us up, Mommy spent the time chit-chatting with fellow guests.

P/S A million thanx to the host (Diela & Nazri) for inviting us to the party. Don't forget to invite us again next year and hopefully Papa will be around next time.

Mommy,Aunt Diella& Qaseh
Qaseh cant stop walking!
WE..are the mothers!!!

and..the birthday girl



My Life My World said...

Salam, betul lah orang kata, bila dah beranak ni "dah ada handbag besar". Gigih nyer u dukung anak, tak lepas lepas. But u still look cute.

Diella Mustafa said...

tx for coming,darl!!tx for the presents too.muahss..

Lea Shmea said...

waaahhh cptnya kak fadd dh slim balik!! eeee jealous2! apakah rahsiamu? sila berkongsi di ym. hehe. do add me k: nuzz_leia


yaNa MaLeK said...

u still maintain cute with kazim of cos..hehhe

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

dear, u looked great! mcm x bersalin jer tau.. cun jer! hikk.. nnt kita get-together lagi ok? i miss kazim laa.. :)