Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Should I?

Dear readers,
Some expectant moms(it's ME!) are eager to find out their baby's gender, while others are inclined toward wanting to be surprised once the baby is delivered.Should I find out our baby'
s gender?Or should we be delightfully surprised?In my opinion, knowing baby's gender helps us to plan ahead.From clothing and etc!
And for some maybe, if the baby is not the sex they would have chosen on their own, they’ll have time to adjust and appreciate.

Scenario A
"Eh, anak akak nak ngn you?" U dapat girl lah tu."
"why?ada pulak camtu."
"btol la, sbb anak I girl, dia tau dlm perut u girl sbb tu dia suka you."

Scenario B
" my anak boy, try u pegang.Kalau dia taknak ngn you, dlm perut u boy lah tu."

Scenario C
"ehh, u pregnant boy ke?"
"sbb pe?"
"sbb anak I girl suka kat you.Selalu bila baby girl suka you, you pregnant boy la tu!"
"tp hari tu..kalau boy suka I baru girl..ape ni??Lain org lain cara kah?"

"Belief that women carrying boys carry low and that women carrying girls carry high"
"If your face is round then you are having a girl, long and narrow means a boy."
" If you have an increased amount of acne during pregnancy then it means you are having a baby girl. "

I read somewhere, if I like to eat salty foods which means, I will having a boy.But having orange juice everyday, most likely to have a baby girl! In that case...can we have both? *lalalalala*

Hmm Im confused!*big Grin*
I cant wait for our next check-up!I hope this time, we can determine our baby's gender, it's kiling me!!
So baby, dont let your mommy down.Come on, dont be shy!Show it to us.
Well, it's fun to guess baby's gender base on the myths :-)

Oh ya,please help me decide which resort should we go. Here's in our mind:

Perhentian Island Resort
Arwana Beach Resort
Coral View Beach Resort
Senja Bay Resort
Bubu Long Beach Resort

Ke ada tempat lain yg best?Ada sape2 pernah pergi tak?This is honeymoon/anniversary/special ocassion trip, so husband taknak yg ala2 backpackers.Backpackers boleh buat lain hari yaaaaaa :p.Lagi satu, yours truly taknak tempat yg bising ngn 'night life ' sgt. Since Im pregnant, I cant stand noisy tu semua(ohh before pregnant boleh pulak terkinja2 kan:p) Hey come on, ppl change!Sometimes, you need to relax..kan.
Oohh sgt fussy sekali! :p

p.s: I wanted to update about my outing with my nephews( anak sedara sebelah apeng@aman)BUT my husband brought camera with him! So, takda photos I nak updatekan.Later yah.



Naddy said...

Hi, I stayed at bubu the last time... It was ok, cumanya dlm bilik x de tv.... Perhentian Island resort look ok (nampak dr jauh lah) and mcm jauh dr resort lain, so more private rasanya...

Ablen Eusoff said...

pangkor laut ke? semenatra belum ada anak ni enjoylah puas2. bila ada anak u nak pergi mkn kat Mc D pun kena pk 10 kali lagi2 time anak still infant.

hahahhaa...yup org ni byk petua diaorg masa i dulu mengandung anak pertama semua kata i bawa anak perempuan sebab my punggung besar and my muka bulat. tapi setiap kali scan dan 3D scan lelaki! bila kuar pun lelaki.

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hmmm in actual fact i never been to those listed hotel ;p
huhuhu tak penah pegi perhentian island lagie babe!
but i heard its gorgeous!!! ;D

MeL said...

hi fadd..
mcm i dl, nak sgt2 baby boy as my first baby. so i byk mkn seafood n selera pn mmg ke seafood je. alhamdulillah dpt baby boy..org kata klu mkn masam2 plak dpt girl. xtau la. tp klu ikut logic in science make sense jgk. lg satu tgk perut. klu membujur baby boy. klu melebar girl ;p

erm bubu long beach byk muda mudi party2 la..xsesuai. klu u nk privacy sket u try tuna bay resort. my honeymoon dl kt situ. peaceful je compare tu bubu. lain2 i xtry lg..

Anonymous said...

sis,don't think about those myths la..tgg je next checkup.with 3d scan now,14 weeks da leh nmpak gender (for some cases like my fren).i also wait for the next checkup.xsabar mau tau gender bb.hehe..perhentian sudah lama x pegila.cannot give any opinion.lalala~do share ur bb gender later ya

Anonymous said...

Would like to suggest u to go to Japamala Resort, Tioman.. Really nice..

Liza said...

Arwana Beach Resort best gak. I penah gi sana. Tp, can u go there by speed boat? takut seasick plak? I pregnant dulu, doctor tsilap scan tgk gender tau. Doctor said baby girl & most people guest baby girl bcoz my perut is bulat. tp, kuar2 baby boy. & then i dh takut la nk confident sgt dgn gender after this. i dh beli skirt u know. hahaha.. but if the doctor said ur baby is boy, maybe betul kot sbb bole nmpak tuutt dia.. :)

Liza said...

comment psl perut membujur & melebar tu, i tgk ramai gak yg betul. maybe correct or maybe not. tp, semuanya kuasa Allah...

Starry Eyed said...

bubu i think is quite noisy sbb dia kat long beach @perhentian kecil. thats a backpacker area.. if u wanna go perhentian kecil yg quiet skit maybe coral view or ade resort baru jugak name watercolours impiani.. cube u try google.. ive never been there though.. but it looks nice from the website ;)

Shmea said...

hi kak fad. when r u going to this trip? if u're planning to go, better wait till your pregnancy is stable enough. sbb from my experience going to perhentian island, the boat ride was quite bumpy. u don't wanna go thru the risk. just my 2 cent. :)

btw, i agree with japamala resort, tioman. it's a boutique hotel. cantik sgt! kalau gi tioman, tak yah naik boat. naik flight je terus smpi. but still, pls be careful.