Friday, October 17, 2008

The Call to write: Ex???

I didnt know where to start. I have a beautiful life. Happily married. Happy.Happy.Enough to say.No doubt.
I met this one makcik at my yoga class yesterday.

makcik : ooo..dah kawin ke?First love ke?sbb kawin muda!

Me : urmm..saya tatau first love mcm mana! I just want to marry him!

makcik : Ohh..ada ex tak?( im not sure why she asked me about this) Ni husband kenal lama ke?

Me : Ex?Scandal..ape2 la nama..semua ada. Yups few past before him, but not that serious.... Dgn husband 3 yrs kenal tp...mmg pernah broke up!basically, Im married ex!

makcik : haaa...?

ape lagi nak kata?yups,i am married to my ex-bf. We broken up few yrs ago-time tu BF-GF la.( i cant remember few times ke tak) BUT yess..we are happier than before!

After all, kami belajar from mistakes. Urmm .( And heyy.. im not flirting around when i am still his GF!all the scandalous..teman tapi mesra ,flirt buddies, apply bila i am single ONLY!when im back to him..means im ONLY with him! nadaaa with someone else!) ..! Reason broke up: I was busy with classes and he was busy working ..Maybe rasa nk " have a break,have a kit-kat.."
Bila pk balik, we may have missed performing these three important things – affection, apology and action. When you know it’s your fault, forget about pride and hug him or her instantly. Apologize for your actions and promise not to do the same thing again, right?

Someone told me that keeping relatinships stronger do not depend only on the good things, but also on how bad things have changed you to become a better couple.

Lack of communication is one of the most important causes that could destroy a relationship. This is because men do not think the way as women do, and vice versa..kan? Because of this, we may think differently of the actions..
Regardless of how long you’ve been together, it is important to schedule a “quality time” that you and your partner could talk things out. You may disagree about hundreds of things during a conversation, but at least you know what the other likes and dislikes. *wink-talking through experience ni!!

*and plsss dont make assumption( as makcik2 kepochi) that "our broken up" disebabkan each of us ada affair.again, I am flirting when I am single ONLY!!

But, good things, after broken up, we analyze ourself. We started to love each other more n more! And the feeling yg mcm..I could not describe! and ..., I know that he is the one! Vice versa. I cant stop thinking about him, day..night..mana2 saja. vice versa.Kalau kuar ngn org lain pun sure teringat kat si dia....kalau ada org knalkan kt sape2 pun, bila kluar ngn org tu, sure cerita about him....the main topic- mmg pasal dia saja. Kesian org tu jadi listener pulak!
Bila dah broke up tu mcm rindu melampau pulak. Well, cliche' je bunyi kan- kalau jodoh tak ke mana?

One thing that you must understand is that it will take some effort to turn things in the right direction in your relationship. Any and all relationships take some nurturing to keep them healthy and happy. Always remember to stay calm. Arguing or raising your voice is not an option

Till then..
I love him so badly.
Now and forever.


The Mrs-Bride said...

awww.. i know what u mean or feel! :)

sy sayang hubby sy juge! so soo badly! now & always.. *wink*

mOmmy of Triplets said...

nice write up!
it makes me sit and ponder...

mOmmy of Triplets said...

nice write up!
it makes me sit and ponder...

Anonymous said...

Terpana seketika membaca entry si mata menawan(gelaran saya pd awak coz saya suka melihat mata awak yg cantik lg menawan...ikhlas sgt2).
Even we have been married 3yrs 8mths...adakala nya communication between me & hubby msh ada kekurangannya.lebih2 lg kalau berada dlm kereta.

jetsetter said...

Anita dear- Thanks.Yups.Im so lucky to be with him.alhamdulillah

hanim- :-)

KBSULAIMAN-*blushing la.Tp thanks ye.Dulu org suka ejek 'mata kucing' sampai low sel-esteem.hehh

f.i.e.z.a said...


u're such a lucky person to have been married at a very young age n happily w it.i know u r n always will.
d urge nk dtg kl n spend d time w u again is crucial by now.hehhe..
take care!

The Zonan Factor said...

yerp...very nice write up.

the lack of communication sometimes happen especially when u haf kids.u tend to ignore each other need for attentions and such. that sometimes can make u drift apart.

so it's good la dpt baca this kind of entry coz it just slap u back to reality and remind us to do what we're supposed to do to nurture the relationship :-D

thanks to u :-D