Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diella's Day

Earlier, we had lunch at Mid Valley.
I had plan to surprise Diella since..hmm..HER BIRTHDAY!!But some of our friends couldnt make it bz bz.Syefa just got married, hana too bz with her studies or wutsoeva :p, Maslin went for honeymoon, shifting new place bla bla nak taknak, buat jela. This what I call - Emergency Duo Celebration- Belated birthday+baby shower. Since Diella EDD will be next month so I guess I should shower her with something :-).
I bought some food ,dessert, and some deco thingy, just to surprise her.
I am sorry dear, I wish I can make...lg bagusss . Hopefully lain kali eh, and I promise! :-)


1 comment:

The Mrs-Bride said...

u're such a sweetie laa fadd.. :P