Friday, December 12, 2008


We had a very busy day.Have to check the working progress of our new house.
So for our lunch, we went to Aladdin, a Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Glomac Square, Kelana Jaya..which is near to our new house,yabeda beduuu*wink.
Apeng loves Chinese food,his fav!
It's a nice restaurant with leather chairs and marble top tables, very nice flooring and great ambiance in a non pretentious, family oriented way. We were spoilt for choice,we ended up ordering individual dishes.

Here mine : Kung Bo Chicken Rice.Spicy with soy sauce.Good.Big portion.

Fu Yong Egg Rice with lamb.
I have to say..dont order this!Mcm mkn nasi telur dadar,seriously!
BUT Apeng said"sedapp".
Teh 3 rasa.Combination of gula melaka,susu and teh.

The service,food are good.
Actually this is our second time.The first time we ordered few things and unable to finish it off as the portion is quite big.But we had given a platter of watermelon as a complementary.
The food is highly recommended for those who love Chinese Muslim food.



neeza said...

hehe..mcm kena plak..apeng loves chinese food..muka and nama pon dh too loves chinese hubby tak suka..aiyaiayaiyai..

jetsetter said...

I suka japanese food juger! Sedappp..yummy-licious.hehheh
Apeng sgt suka Chinese food, his fava tau!
My fava..mestila Thailand food :-)
yummy Tom yum!

CikChelsea said...

to neeza,
hahah...apeng punya genetik chinese tlebih sudaaaa :p (kot???haha)

me too suka tomyam...pedas2 br best :D

akak sila balik segera...mari mkn nasi beriyani mat shah :D

dialicious said...

mcm best jer..i love chinese food like muhibbah rest ttdi tu.i've heard of this place..nak try la coz very near to my hs too.once u have moved in ur new hs dtgla lepak my hs fad..while im still staying in pj..heheh..aladin ni dkt dgn old town kopitiam ker?

The Mrs-Bride said...

dear, love reading ur reviews on anything esp food! hehehe.. btw, tu arrr.. hwo come i x nmpk u ol YM ehh? i always nmpk hanis, munirah, iza online tp tak nampak ur id.. oh btw, i'm no longer using "imjustacupid" ID.. ID tu kene curik ada org hack!! huhuhu.. so now i'm using my name, "anitarohaida" as the ID.. hihihi.. think u've added me.. ce try readd! :)

shoe-addict-mom said...

ive seen the place, but never been there. pegi yang sebelah2 tu, the nasi padang, if im not mistaken. u cant add me on YM??? y eh? try again..

Ninie said...

terbalik la kite fad..i suka chinese food but my hubby mcm u suka Thailand food huhuhuh...nmpak sedap la Apeng mkn tu!

calla_lily said...

sounds good.
Maybe I'll try this place one day :)