Saturday, December 27, 2008


As the purpose of this posting is to pass on my very positive experience of travelling to Paris.Let's start with my journey on my first day.Hmm,1050pm , I checked in for my flight for Paris and boarded it.Guess who I met? My idol!We had lil chats and guess what?

Alhamdulillah for everything.

"OMG, bestnya jadi you, bole travel sana sini"
"'s weird..bcos I wanna be YOU."
( If I were to be her -pretty face, rich..and the list goes on!)

So one thing Ive learned, to thank Allah for who I am.Rezeki masing-masing,kan? I wanna be her, and yet, she wished she was me!Bukan senang pun nak jd Camellia, bnyk benda nk kena pk, siapa tahu susah payah dia,btol tak?Kita nampak luaran saja.And yups, you have no idea what I've been through in my life.Thanks to Apeng who always be there for me.
Other than that,I was sleeping most of the time on board:-) .I only woke up at 630am(Msia time),watched "Aku Bukan Bujang"and had my breakfast.
Will let you know what happen next.

to be continued...
p.s: I love myself to the bits:-) Yippie!



:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

Wahhhhh..I heart camilia too!
But sh definitely look different in the photo :)
Owh that loewe bag!!!!! So stunning!!!!
Is it urs fadd?!? Gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Tak cantik lah Camelia. Now that I've seen her bare face, I'd say you or any other normal girls I see on the streets of KL lagi cantik. I cuma rase dia stylo.

CikChelsea said...

kakak..awk lagi shantek dr Camelia la..agree with anon :D

The Queen Bee said...

Camilia ke tuu?? sh looks different! i like her sense of style!

tapi babe i rasa u lg lawa dr camelia! btol2 x tipu...

The Queen Bee said...

aah babe, best jadi u bole ikut travel selalu!! me dpt sethn sekali je. huhhuhu

Ninie said...

u look a like camelia la apa kat sana fadd?

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

iyer..u lg lawaaa dr camelia..