Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Journey Part 1

Here at the train station.

Seriously, I have nothing to write. Rasanya dah tulis dulu2 abt trip to Paris,so tatau ape nak kata dah. Anyway, we travel everywhere by metro(train),reason?, it is cheap than others :-) The Paris Metro system was very efficent and extremely easy to use, there will be a metro stop just about anywhere you go!!
But sometimes, it is quite confusing as the stations have multiple entrances and exits.The most important thing is to make a note on the way in which station you went into.We bought the "one day pass" ticket for Euro18.50 pp( +-RM92.5). A great deal - it eliminates the need to figure out how much to pay for a ticket for any other ride you are likely to take.

So the journey to La Vallee Village (Metro stop at Val d'Europe, which translates to Valley of Europe) took about ..umm 2 hrs( termasuk tunggu train, tukar2 train, rest jap..itu ini) Takda ape sgt pun kt situ, sale (it's called soldes in French)
pun tak berapa best,ohh ya which reminds me, ada la Ferragamo/Bally shoes at RM400-RM800( harga ni memanggil-manggilku :p)
How I wish I can stay there after xmas (heard sale after xmas sgt best). At the La Vallee there many retail shops,some are expencive,some are average.
What your budget allows you ;-)

We had our lunch at the Chinese restaurant. We had plan earlier to go Disneyland Paris ( as I loveeee rides,minnie mouse..or anything about this fantasy world!) During our lunch, we had this discussion:
"hari ni tak sejuk sgt, bole je gi Disneyland"
"tp kalau nk gi Disneyland, satu hari tak cukup.And one more things, kita dah main most of the rides kan dulu."

"kalau camtu, jln2 cari pasal jela"

Next pit stop-- Sea Life.Marine life was the big inspiration to me :-) The best thing is, it is the biggest aquarium in the France region.Those who love to see unusual things within aquariums such as wrecks, will find the decorations in the tanks absolutely great.Tickets sell at Euro15 pp (RM75+-)for adults.And it is free for children aged 3 and under.

Next, we had our all-time fav ice-cream:Ben&Jerry.

As I said in my previous post, I love any decorations. So, I was so busy looking at all the Christmas decor. Then, went to supermarket.Hmm..this is a must do list for me.Going to supermarket.Finding anything yg pelik2.Mcm bole spend one day je kt situ.Paling suka, cari food yg pelik2.Seryess best.Satisfaction!Call me weirdo or anything..this is me!
Went to sight seeing at town.then headed straight to airport to take our shuttle back to hotel.Seriously,I had fun.Even though, I am not allowed to shop anything except foods , I had a very pleasant day.Yups, I keep on telling myself..again and again.It's really been bothering me!!
Maggie mee became our best friend during this journey.We had a very romantic dinner together at the hotel,menu?
maggie mee

nice huh?!:-)

Hmm, will update more on our next journey.Now, will you excuse me, I have a wedding to attend :-)
To be continued...


CikChelsea said...

kenapa posing mcm kanak2 riang???hihihihihh...

sgt seronot yaaaaa...bestnyee


The Queen Bee said...

ben n jerry's berapa euro sana? kat finland cekik darah 4 euro. tp tiap2 hari gak i melantak. hahaha

The Mrs-Bride said...

u looked cute in those boots!! hehehe..

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owhhhh cant wait for the next entry...part due! ;)
ben & jerry is among the best ice cream!
btw kat NY if i tak silap, ben & jerry allow for a tour around their the visitors can have free ice cream as much as u wantttttt!!!
kewl eiiii?!?!?!?!!?

calla_lily said...

Ben & Jerry's - I likeeeee
Chunky Monkey is my favorite!

calla_lily said...

Ben & Jerry's -- I loikeeee
Chunky Monkey's my favorite!


calla_lily said...

Ben & Jerry's -- I loikeee
My favorite is Chunky MOnkey!


shoe-addict-mom said...

babe! since u've gone au Paris couple of times, can u recommend wat will be the best designer brand there? my fren's going there end of the month, and im in need of a new purse! hehehe.. im thinking of Ferragamo.. any advise? TQ

jetsetter said...

sho addict- Arrrgh U should tell me arlier that day!!!kalau tak I lih tgk kan.
URM Paris...skang sale kan.Any brands will do la sis..

Anonymous said...

hi... can i know where u bought that boots??
hope u rep... thanks