Thursday, August 7, 2008


This time, I've been completely obsessed with mm..SHOES lately.I know..I sounds crazy * drooling*. Raya, wedding(Anita, urs coming), birthday( aaarrghhh so many!!) are coming so at least I got a good reason to shop.

Here's a confession.I honestly think I have a slight tendency toward ehmm....SHOPAHOLIC :).Okeh, let see my latest obsession :

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform T-Straps

Ohh look at the design..Obviously, I love these shoes. They are a work of art... tp rasanya I cant wear..heheh



Metallic Dior I.D Mule

Gee..I got so many things to blog about, meanwhile, I have to accomplish my 'mission' ..later guys..later...:)


shoe-addict-mom said...

hey, welcome on board the ship of shoe-addicts! ;)

The Queen Bee said...

semua comell!! yg tods tu tak rasa bengkok ke kaki bila pakai? ehee i selalu nak tau mcm ner.

sculptured heels Prada is TDF!

neeza said...

yg tods tuh nmpk sgt selesa..brpkah harganya cik fadd??

The Bride-to-be said...

babe, got my card?! hehehe.. wah! in the "shopping" list already arr? *wink*

well, hope to see ya on the biggy day! mwahss...

jetsetter said...

hello guys!!
Yups..tatau la bila I can have all the shoes....hope one day dapat.Yang tods tu rega kt Italy tak sampai 1k..sini..urmm tatau la neeza
Queen Bee- adakah saya telah berjangkit dgn kamu??

shoe addict- arrghh bila kita nk buat club ni??Count me in tau!

Anita- ohh ya.I got the card.Mestila datang :)

i AM a Bonda to Be said...

babe, remember when u asked me what did i buy in paris? ehhehee..

tods yg u upload tu@!hahaha..but mine is slightly different. dia ade riben sikit like the second photo n dkt tgh2 riben tu ade besi tulis tods. huhu..and it's grey. kasut pertama i yg bengkok. ahah. but once u wear it, it feels good.