Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cuti-cuti again???!!!

Wooo..Im a genius!Found this while surfing something else!hehe..Okeh, let me update you about Apeng's injury. Went to SJMC and did his X-ray and MRI scan ( this uses magnets and radiowaves to produce images of the inside body) and unfortunately it was bleeding in a knee joint caused by torn ligaments- apparently his ACL was totally damaged!!! :(
As you can see, ligaments connect one bone to another within our joints and help provide stability and flexibility.

So ,3 days 2 nights package at SJMC( sounds cuti-cuti Malaysia : ) huh !!) Ohh, foods nice tho :p. Im the one who eagerly to eat,hihihi.

He was given the ice packs to reduce sweilling and bruising. The doctor told him, he may needs to have surgery to repair the damage to his knee.

This is likely to be the case if he has damaged his ACL . He may needs a reconstruction operation which involves taking a graft of tendon ( from kneecap) to replace the damaged ligaments. We were..sob sob sob :(
anyone familiar with this??

At the moment, he will be at home,resting for....couple of weeks..?Or would it be months?~. Pray for him guys :)

Dont worry Mr.Apeng, I will take care of you as long as I am here :)


shoe-addict-mom said...

hi there! thanx for dropping by my blog.. and, yeah, the floor was totally licin bila covered with powder! which reminds me, i need to 'replenish' the powder. licin satu botol! :)

keep on posting!

jetsetter said...

ola shoe-addict!!
Thanks for dropping jugerrr :)

dialicious said...

Sorry to hear about that.How did it happen?Try la traditional treatment

Mimi said...

ola! yups same here, thanks for dropping by mine too ;) am green wif envy browsing ur pics travelling to so many places! hehe.. salam perkenalan~

p/s - m linking mine to urs, ok kan? :D

jetsetter said...

shoe addict - takpe, ada SNOW kt dlm rumah :)
dialicious - Main football, pastu u knowlah kan, tiba2 injured dah
Mimi - Yups sure u can link :)

Elita said...

Well said.

jawa said...

Pergh..tak tau pun teruk macam tu skali..get well soon bro