Sunday, July 20, 2008


My YM chat with so- called-friend

Friend : Hi dear, wht's u been up to?

Me : urmm..nothing much bla bla bla....chores :)

Friend : Ohh..good! ! stay-at-home-mom (parent) does some of those duties, but the most important duty is tending to the children..So, bz with your baby?

Me : ooh..I dont have baby yet.

Friend : I know!...hahahahahhaha

I was like wudda ****???

Sometimes ppl can be so mean to us!! Great!!!! sigh


The Queen Bee said...

iskk... what the F okkkk

siot jer sape2 yg ckp mcm tu kat u. She just dont feel insecure tu je. dia tatawu dah nak ejek ape kan. so dia cari kelemahan u jer.

be strong!

It's ok dalam Quran pun dah ckp, pasal ni. cheers!


f.i.e.z.a said...

sape kwn chat ko tu?meh cni aku nak dush dush kan..
jahat seh ckp camtu kat ko.

sabar fad.tu jek.
masing2 ada rezeki..
biar Tuhan balas lagi kaw2 nye kasi kat so-called friend tu.

*aku plak emo.

The Bride-to-be said...

chettt! apa la org tu.. sabar k babe? i'm with you... =)

jetsetter said...

Thanks darling..Im happy to know u guys, at least ada jgk org yg waras!hehheh