Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Phuket part 4&5

Day 4
19th June 2008

My 4th day started with breakfast on bed :) . I still got diarrhea. Feeling uneasy due to the food poisoning. Some says it is deadly illness. Hubby lucky because he doesnt eat oyster at all. Fuh nasib baik, if not..2-2 terbaring habisss larr

So, we didn't go anywhere far. No mood for shopping ( craft, brg2 Thailand nampak lawa tp sgt takda mood.. ooh selamat duit laki ku) ,no appetite..Hubby suggested to watch movie- Incredible hulk. Costed us THB 300..mak aii mahal jugak tau.He insisted.
Ohh ya..had lunch kt satu gerai muslim ni...mkn ayam goreng+nasi and tom yum.Sedap, ayam bnyk sgt, inexpensive. And paling suka tea ice dierr..See kt bwh ni, we tapau dlm mineral water siap :)

Inila Jungceylon..I wrote about this mall in my previous post :)

Next stop- to Phuket Town. It took 1 hour to reach town by motor. Saja jalan2 cari pasal since I cant do any activity lain sbb asyik diarrhea saja :(

We stopped at Karon.Karon is a great place to visit for the day if you are either stuck in Phuket Town or you want to get away from the chaos of Patong.Had dinner at Chalong Bay again...:)

Day 5
2oth June 2008

Taken with the guesthouse owner :). !! After few times dah try urut here & there,- ohh ya went to Christin Massage jugak&reflexology tepi2 jalan jugerr, finally my beloved husband suggested trying a SPA- Let's Relax Spa. One word to describe- Amazing ! 1st time pergi spa yg secantik iteww :) .

They are located at one of the roads back in Patong, near to our guesthouse.They offer the traditional Thai Massage as well as special feet and hand treatments and Massages with Herbs and Oils.They were wonderful.

After 2 hrs 45 mins being pampered, finally dah kena balik.

Overall-nice place to visit. A great place to have fun.. .The beach ada bnyk, Patong is the famous one. Speaking of beach, I dont even go to the beach for mandi manda so dont ask me :) I dont even swim, snorkeling or what so ever!Funny things huh.OMG, gambar pun takda kt sandy beach tu..our swimsuits pun tak pakai..:) Yeah yeahh, went to Phuket tp tak ke beach yerr :p

Eating should be no problemo because lots of seafood, obviously Thai food available . There are also rows of halal Thai Muslim shops in front of Patong Beach and at Phrabaramee Road. More like a Food market. If you still unsure, stick to the seafood :)

What we did the most on our vacation...: food hunting :)

The most important part is spending time with the loved ones :)

"Happy anniversary baby...Thanks for the wonderful trip.Love you so badly"


MakXtaste said...

Ambooii...Luv u so badly giteww :) Tp, MXKsh pon....kesian kt ko kna diarrhea ye nyah! tu la, main telan je...x kunyah2..ehehehe..
Ap ap pon, mak sronok bac blog ko ni...very da interesting n informative!
NNt mak nk gi san, mk coll ko ek?
Take care..Muuaaxxx...

F & A said...

urmm yer la..thanks for dropping :)
jgn plak ko gi Thailand operate yerrr

The Bride-to-be said...

fad!! gimma ur address.. i'm sending out the invites now.. hihihi! :P