Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's a BOY

Me & hubby went to visit Ayi few days ago.It was really good to see Ayi after..urmm,few mths.I think,the last was at One Utama- correct me if I was wrong.
Before the lil' boy was named, Ayi told me that they were looking for a name to go along with her husband's name.Ayi's husband is my husband's friend by the way.And his name starts with alphabet 'M'.
At last,the 3.8 kgs healthy baby was named Muhammad Mika. Ohh ya it's kinda remind me about Mikala( character in Transformers played by Megan Fox,kan?) So mika &mikala..huh nice combination..hehehe
Mizan's family were there too.They came after us.Everyone in the room had a go holding lil Mika except hubby :P~ malu la..:p
We had fun that day.
To Ayi & Mizan:
a cute &cuddy baby boy has come to fill your lives with joy&bliss.


The Bride-to-be said...

fad!! remember me? anita... your friend back in "summercamp" lives? heh.. my previous email add was imjustacupid@... then i changed to something else (not sure u have my new ID or not).. but dear, awk dah kawen!!! wawawaaaa.. CONGRATS!! (eventho dah lambat) well, how u've been so far? hope everything is fine & happy for u.. dah lama nampak you (in pictures) kt hanis & iza's blogs.. tp baru now tau ur blog address.. :) anyhow, keep in touch tau! i'm getting married in mid August.. do come ya? *hugs*

F & A said...

omg anitaaaaaaaaaaaaa...sudah lama larr kita tak jumpa ni!!how r u??ehh i takda YM u lah...mana nk cari ni...????

little mama said...

hi fad,

found your blog masa blog-hopping..rasa mcm terbaca in one of your post that your hometown is Besut.. is that Besut in Terengganu? coz I'm from there too..

neeza said...

masyaallah..3.8kg??normal delivery ke..alhamdulillah semuanye selamat..lepas nih fadd pulak..aminnn!

F & A said...

ye ke lilttle mama??kt mana besut??yeee saya bangga menjadi anak besut!

~MaMa iRdiNa~ said...

fadd, ur last entry ka ttg europe tour u look soo cute & even dah mcm org putih pun =D

haihhh lepas i tunggu ur turn pulak yer =P btw this me ... anna :D