Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yong Peng-Family Day-Tioman

Cuppies ini adalah untuk our nephew-Syauqi .This cupcakes were custom made by Anna. Told by Anna yg dia akan buat beach theme.Bila tgk all the cuppies tu, aduhai, nak makan pun syg.Sgt shantekk tau.

This is the birthday boy. Mula2 kami buat tahlil bersama family and after that we had our dinner -makan berdulang. It was awkward for me tp kalau makan dgn husband je, i ok lar.ehhehe

the kids suka sgt cuppies ni

Everybody loved Anna's cuppies. Sedap..yummylicious tau.Thanks Anna!

Okay, so we woke up at 6am on 28th May 2008, get ready for our Tioman trip.Journey from Yong Peng to Mersing took about 2 hours. Kami sampai di jetty at 10am. After 2 1/2 hours, we reached Air Batang Village(ABC Beach) by Fast Ferry( ohh sgt pening sbb mabuk laut). The service is OK. Upon arrival, the staff carried our heavy bags and we need not worry about carrying them to the hut. Welcome drink is also given upon request.

Anyway,do not have too high expectation of accommodation at Tioman especially if u plan to stay at Nazri's place-budget room (RM80) & deluxe seaview( RM120/night).

The rooms are basic,recommended for people who needs basic luxury but the tap water was quite slow. Susah btol nak mandi.Nak bercakap pun kena control,if not your next door buddy will hear us..hehehe. But,you're outdoors most of the time anyway, so why be picky,kan? As usual our chalet is right infront of the beach.

Tp for those yang nak bilik yang cozy/honeymooners,betta amik yg deluxe king.deluxe triple or family room.. The rooms are comfortable and clean.The price from RM160-RM200.At least no one can hear you while you were talking kan :P. All rooms are just a few steps from the shore and you would be entertained by the splashing waves thruout the nite....

Nevertheless all rooms are clean and anyway with such nice beach will have very little time to spend in the room. At day time, the beach is very interesting.

Food jugak memuaskan at Nazri's place. We had meehoon goreng for lunch.Bnyk jugak ( gambar tak ambik) tp rasanya sedap. Malam, as usual ada bbq night with the family.

Snorkeling is a must in Tioman! Went to Marine Park for 2 hrs . I think everybody patut ke Coral Island, kami tak sempat nak pegi ke sana.Then ptg ada sukaneka with the family.Me&husband won the challenge- ACARA KEPIT BOLA. That night, we had dinner at Nazri's restaurant. Foodnya sedap,ikan fresh! Their staff are very helpful and friendly.We ended the night with the annual upacara penyampaian hadiah by abah( my father in law)
The most important things, we had fantastic family day.

Anyway, our anniversary is coming soon. We are thinking "pooh-cat" for this year honeymoon destination. Yeaaaaa, i can't wait!


mOmmy of Triplets said...
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mOmmy of Triplets said...

wah..the pic u wearing sunglasses nampak macam model roxy lar babe!!

nway ur anak buah all nampak enjoy sgt..sungguh sunburnt belaka =)

Anonymous said...

wahhhh...dah tu u takleh la lovey-dovey la ngn hubby?

Suria said...

hi fadd!!suka la baca blog u.keep it up tau!

Anonymous said...

aa..jeles2 [=.=]
tp xpe..
sume org pon sunburnt!!
*ktawe brguling2** =p

cikc said...

ala..wpun kami sunburn tu sume tak menandingi keseronokkan yg dialami...jelesh xdpt g la tu..pdn muke ko...wakakakaka

cookies said...

Mommy- thanks ye..nway the kids suka sgt!Mcm tak balik pun takpe

Anonymous- lovey dovey di mana saja..heheh

yah- tula jeles tak itut kami!!Duk la jauh2 lg yer..hehehe

Cikc- kan..tula tak ikut!