Monday, May 26, 2008

I Miss My Childhood Friend

14 years ago, I met one sweet girl who lived along the same street as my brother did. We were in the same school when I was 11 yrs old.Yes,after my dad had passed away, I had a chance to stay with my first brother.

But then it was time to grow up and leave the the school behind us.Well actually, I was moving back to my hometown,Besut. Those joyous moments you've given me will never fade away.I remember when we used to play together at the park :)

The memories of you burn brightly in my mind, and I will never ever forget the amazing friendship you've given me, my childhood friend.

To: Fadzlin & David Sulaiman Barnett

Last words from me, Congratulations on your new journey.

May your journey be fulll of blessing, joy, and happiness~

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