Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PHUKET part 3

Day 3
18th June 2008

Okay..I woke up a bit late.. feel lack of energy, headache, diarrhea, abnominal pain, nausea and upset stomach. I dont feel of going, I just wanna rest& sleep.

It began ..urmm let me rewind back..ohh ya I had oyster ,seafood..last night at Kusuma!!..? Ohh, rasa mcm tak larat sungguh, asyik ke toilet saja..then I pun pk la. First,I dont want to disappoint my husband ( he spent nearly THB 1000= RM110 pp for this package- Elephant riding+ATV+ White water rafting+buffet lunch+ jungle trekking-waterfall... ),second, when I will be here again..??Third, in most cases the body is able to find balance after a short period of discomfort and illness, kan?

Tanpa pk panjang, terus bangun and siap2. We were picked up by minibus.Journey took about 30 minutes and tukar naik bus pulak.From there, another 45 minutes to our nxt stop - Elephant + ATV. Reached there around 10am, straight away to the toilet,I vomitted!!! Fuhh lega rasa...but still rasa mcm nk baring saja.The visit of the camp starts with ATV followed by leisurely elephant riding.

I wasn't able to walk actually.sgt rasa nk tdo..but tabahkan hati jugak..tgk hubby sungguh seronok that day, seeing him, rasa ok sikit.. Oh ya, I had to put sweater, rasa sejuk sgt tgh2 hari yg panas iteww..

After ATV,went for elephant riding along the river, tak lama, around 20 minutes saja.

A short elephant show! Sedikit fakta:
The elephant's gestation period is 22 months!!
Elephants worked for the humans, made ways through the jungle, lifted and moved heavy things and were used in wars.
Today they are still used in the tourism industry. There are several problems in that. For once, this animal needs a lot of shade and water - so, please do not go elephant riding in open areas, its very bad for them :) strong they are!!

Next, hubby had lunch.I just ate banana.Lost appetite.Cold.
Right after that, went to white water rafting :) Ohh..sorry no photos. .

The last activity for that day- jungle trekking to the waterfall.We had fun( thanks to hubby for taking care of me). I was ill all the time but managed to smile ( heyy..I dont want to disappoint him again and again okayy)
Reached our hotel nearly 7pm.My day was s***** Dizzy,nausea,headache!!
We had dinner nearby our hotel.dah tak larat sgt nak jalan.Then went back.Tdo sampai pagi.At this moment rasa nk balik saja....I have nothing much to say cos all I knew- I had food poisoning.
to be continued


The Queen Bee said...

ohh atv! i tak penah naik! tinginn gakk! bestnyee! mcm bwk kete ker?

F & A said... bukan power steering
best tu best tp that day rasa badan tak best.Tula mkn oyster tak hengat!hahah