Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anniversary trip to PHUKET

Day 1
16th June 2008

Woke up at 6am-arrived KLIA at 730am.After had breakfast at McD, went straight to catch up our 930am flight.Only an hour 20 minutes flight with Malaysia Airlines. The food ada kuih-muih melayu,bun,sunglo yogurt and mineral water.Not bad huh.Go go MAS!!Packaging jugak cantik..ohh ya..cover cushion pun colourful.I am so excited!!! dah lama tak tgk flt 737 and they already changed the cushion cover!!

Once arrived, after dah clear imigration, amik bag and kuar.masya-allah, ramainya taxi driver kat situ, duk bargain harga.Pening!So crowded okay..

Anyway,there's a transportation desk which has fixed price taxi services to various destinations on the island - I think I paid somewhere around THB 500 for the 30km to Patong by taxi. You should also be able to get a hire car here.

One of the cheapest mode of transportation from Airport to Patong Beach is to take the join minibus. Tickets are priced at THB 150 and can be purchased at the counter upon exit of the arrival hall. You may also pay direct to the driver who will make purchase of the tickets on your behalf. The mini bus will depart when they have 10 passengers. We only knew about minibus after we reached town..huh..!!

By taxi,we were both driven to a travel agent company where they sell us accommodation and tour packages.Kami tanyala berapa harga package2 iteww,agak mahal jugak.At first, we plan to stay at P.S Hotel Patong tp bila kami tanya mereka ada tak bilik yang harga THB 600 ( lower than PS Hotel prices),mereka kata ada satu guesthouse ni. Kami mmg tak booking ape2 from KL and we rasa mcm dunno where to go,so we booked from them lah for only 1 night .We thought dah cukup murah dah tu.Plus ada org bgtau, we should booked from agency baru dapat the best price..huh.Well..actually tak BETUL.

Anyway, sampai saja di guesthouse tu, I dont want to expect too much.With that price, I think I can expect wht shud I expect.Anyway,it was operated by an Italian boss with his Thai wife.

Bilik kami kt floor 3,lift takda( hey paid for RM65 je ok...) takkan nk lift2 pulak kan.Sampai saja kat our room- tadaaaaaaa~

OMG! The room was..wayyyy better than our room at Tioman Island!!!Ada tv(with astro,movies,news,sports-ooh lengkap sekali) ..Water heater-shower..the toilet is clean!Itu paling penting.The room was big and spacious, a good and queen size bed, good furniture, very good wooden decoration and it ended up costing us RM65 per night!U know, I am a fussy person but this room..i loikee~

We wanted a room/hotel near to Jungceylon( shopping mall)The guestroom located in the heart of Patong Beach and close to all kinds of entertainment centers, shopping areas and minute walk from a beach.

We took half an hour nap and had lunch at Jungceylon, the largest international shopping and leisure destination in the Andaman region. This shopping mall is located on the corner of Bangla and Patong 2 roads - the liveliest spot in Patong area.We decided to share burger king fillet o'fish saja since malam nnti nak makan bnyk!!Plus, time tu mcm dah around 3pm pun.

After my stomach was filled, I suggested to hubby to rent a motorbike! Hubby kata nak rent kereta cos I tau,dia sure taknak I panas.OOhh so motor pun sweet jugak!!

Oleh sbb malas nak pusing2 so kami rented motorbike kat our guesthouse saja. Costed around THB 200 per day. Ada lagi murah tp bukan kt our guesthouse lah.around THB 100 pun boleh dapat tp yg manual.Yg THB 150-200 tu auto( scooter)

So,that night went to Kang Eng 2 situated at Chalong Bay which has several simple Thai style restaurants, which sell some of Phuket's best seafood at reasonable prices. This Bay is not suitable for swimming, as the water is not very clear.

We ordered fresh oyster,tom yam,crab and local vegetables and fresh coconut.
The food sedap..sedap sedapppp..Itu je bole cakap. Pricewise- not so bad, around THB 650 for everything!!!

Immediately zipping a cold drink from the restaurant, I was on the road again.Our plan was biking around the island and stopped at Simon Cabaret. Price at THB 850 masa kt agency tu, so we decided nak gi tanya sendiri kt kaunter. Daily shows starts at 7.30pm and 9.30pm. Price is at THB 600 (list price) !Huh mmg agency suka marked up giller!!! Ohh ya, please please please have your dinner before you go there as there is no restaurant there, only cafe selling beers and liquors. If not, you will be ended up starving!!

Anyway, Simon Cabaret is "transvestite"show.It all men or ladyboys.It is almost imposibble to tell they are not women as the make up and dress is so well done! At the end of the show, all the ladyboys will queue up and you can choose which one you want to picture with. I didnt take picture with ladyboys..ooh ya we have to pay some money pun bila nak amik gambar with 'em. tp not much..costed around THB 20 or anything yg you wanna givelah.Simon Cabaret Show in Phuket is a great night out, good fun and value for money. Amazing costumes and very entertaining. I love!

one of the cast in Simon Cabaret..she's lovely kan..ooh I mean HE..hehee

The show ended at 1130pm mcm tu..after that we headed to our place.Macam balik nak tukar baju and nak pergi Bangla Road( clubs,tiger shows...night life) tp as usual,I felt asleep!!hahahha..Ohh was our anniversary night actually,we were so tired sampai lupa nk wish each other that night.Anyway, not too late kot-

"Happy Anniversary Baby,may our marriage happily ever after "

To be continued...


sweetface said...

nak pegi jugakla phuket ni.jeles tgk.hehe..
happy anniversary for u both!!

cikc said...

itu lelaki kah??
siap ada breast lg...dasyat!!!

F & A said...

sweetface- thanks dear :)

cik c- ye syg...lawa okay...:)

MakXtaste said...

Kapkun kab....

Wa ingat wa pon mau pegi anniversary wa nnti punya info manyak magus loorr...
memang ada bakat mau jadi hos jalan jalan cari pasai!!!