Sunday, June 22, 2008

PHUKET part 2

Day 2
17th June 2008

Okay..after subuh, I cant even sleep! Maybe over excited kot!Terus mandi manda dan tgk tv.Ada bnyk cerita hantu, sukaaaaaaaaaaaa nya~ Many ppls asked me, why Patong?Well, patong is Phukets most known beach. Behind the Beach is the famous Bang La road, where numerous Shops, Tailors and Restaurants is located. Patong is the place to go, if you want to be in the middle of things. Here is the Center for watersports (of course you can also go elsewhere), Nightlife, the biggest selection of restaurants (Japanese, Thai, French, Italian, German, Indian) and so many tailors you will never find out who is the best (though they all claim its them).

Beside sunburn, you also had a chance to see the whole area while windsurfing. The cost is around THB 800, but you still can negotiate for the price.. It must be awesome to see the whole area from the sky, i did not do that as i am on budget trip :)

Anyway, we plan to stay at numerous places-Kamala Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach,Bang Tao Beach..huh sounds ambitious kami mmg backpackers :)

If you walk along the second street back from Patong Beach you will see a shop with many different artistic works all made by a motorbike mechanic from motorcycle engine parts( pics above ). It took him 4 mths to build this 7 foot predator/ Alien ..

While walking along the street, finding the breakfast place that served halal food, guess who we bumped into at Euro Deli?My hubby's friend- Aboo(ooh is this the right way to spell ur name), Liana and Friends. What a small world kan.They stayed at Phuket for 6 days dah, it was their last day actually. Then kami pun breakfast lah sama2. had Tuna and fries,orange juice.harga agak mahal dlm THB 200. There goes our budget trip..heheh

Orange juice tu sedapp..lain sikit orange dia..

Okay, after had breakfast, they went to bungy jumping. We straight away balik bilik sbb nak check out and cari place lain nak stay malam tu. Aboo suggested his hotel-good place jugak. Then bila dah balik tu, I tried to bargain with the owner about the price. If they agree nak murah lagi than THB 600, then we will stay. Finally she offered us THB 550.This is okay lah.So, kami pun mcm malas nak tukar2 tempat. Today igt nak gi island, tp rupanya kena booking one day earlier, jadi went to agency and cari the best price that they can offered.

If you are at Patong Beach, the entire stretch is full of travel agents, so just ask a few, look for the best prices, do some bargaining, etc.After thinking, we booked a tour to Phang Nga Bay -Elephant trekking+ ATV + Lunch+ Water rafting .I am very sure the price I paid for is definitely not the cheapest. Btw, it is usually more expensive to book tours from your hotel.

Ticket counter...

This is our bike..sukaaa tau :)Ohh ya..which reminds me..dulu husband naik scooter jugak,time baru kerja dulu,huh oohh ma god, rasa baru semalam naik scooter tau, evertime naik scooter ni teringat hubby's house lama- DJ then teringat pulak kt my husband friend's Soki & wifey Hanim.Last time we used to spend time each other..sampai ke waterfall :)

Ya allah, now she's a mother! Tp still maintain, kalau jalan sorang sure org igt Hanim ni single mingle..:p

We headed to Kamala Beach, just to see the beach. Stop by at Phuket Fantasea, we dont have chance to watch the show, tp ramai kata worth! Next time la kami tgk yea...:p

After jalan2 cari pasal dah habis, kami pun jalan2 cari makan lah pulak.Plus rasa sudah lapar sbb pagi makan breakfast saja. At last kami jumpa lah Kusuma ni kat celah2 gerai lain. Dont worry, the owner speaks Malay very well :)
My stomach dah krioook jadi ordered- oyster, lobster, ikan sebelah or also known as ikan Nabi Noh, kailan ikan masin and young coconut.The food..fuuhh sedapp( knowing me as a fussy person, I wont eat kalau tak sedap) Tp oyster tak rasa fresh sgt..urmm something wrong here..

Kusuma situated opposite of the Siam Bank.Huh, rasa mcm buat rancangan travel asia pulak :)

At night, went to watch Muay Thai. Thai Boxing is a very popular sport in Thailand. You can see it in many stadiums in Thailand including Phuket. We splashed out on ringside seats (THB 1300 ) and it was well worth it to see the action so close.
However, if you don't want to spend so much, seats start at THB 1300( bargain ppl..bargain!!) up in the cages and it looked like a great atmosphere amongst the frenzy of gambling locals.
The event starts at 9pm and goes through to about 1am so it is really a great after dinner entertainment. At the ringside there are young lads serving beer and other refreshments but they are not cheap by Thai standards.
This is the court..:)

Before the match..

Fighters use their fists, elbows, knees and feet to pummel their opponents. Winner usually is by knockout. Insane!! Somebody injured! OMG,takut sgt..kening dia kena jahit.Tp org ni jahit tak letak ubat ape2 pun, main jahit je.

Ada foreigners yg took part jugak..GF pun dtg bg support :)

And the winner..

Although the sport has a brutal image the fighters have nothing but total respect for each other:)

To be continued...


mOmmy of triplets said...

alar...setakat rupe je mcm single mingle tp anak dh ade...takleh lar nk belagak mcm single mingle gi jalan2 cari pasal mcm u all

{khidir} said...

mana gamba tigershow?? takkan 1org je transvestite yg korg jumpe..

F & A said...

waaaaaaaahhh..bukan main yer.nxt time kita tgk tiger show kt sana terus la..