Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 6th Months Kazim!

First of all HAPPY 6TH MONTHS KAZIM!!!
Anyway, let me start with his so-called- weaning process. Weaning has come to mean two different things. Contrary to a popular misconception,weaning doesnt mean going off breast milk. I hate that word “weaning” because it just implies that I want to get him to stop breastfeeding and start eating, which is probably what it actually means..huhuhu!but as for refers to a natural progression common to all mammals--from liquid diet (tak kira la bottle ke..breast milk ke) to solid foods.

Jadi jgn risauuu saya takk berhenti menyusu ponn..Tajukk je kasi gempak..:p..
By the sixth months, Kazim needs the extra iron found in solid foods, so.. ini la yg telah kubuat.
First solid food: Standard la kan.. PEAR ..because it is easy to digest,I guess ramai yg pandai buat pon kan.
I will do the morning feed as usual(err..I give him breastmilk) and serve breakfast 2 hours later far, it went pretty well!

Nyammm!Not good huh?
we try againI started with one solid food( utk minggu ni) minggu depan lain pulak. I’d rather he takes fruit purees only at the moment and I think water or breastmilk should suffice for his liquid intake, ermm here’s hoping! Moreover,I always make sure to introduce a new food in the morning, so that we can pinpoint a potential allergy. So ideally he should have pear sauce for a few days and only if we’re sure he’s not allergic to it can we move on to another food.
The first few spoon feeds were a bit slow as he tentatively tries to make out whether he likes it or not..
Ok..nganga lagi kann?Mommy suap some more k.
When I sat down to feed him, I had noooo idea what to expect! The first spoonful was met with curiosity, and he opened his mouth easily! When I scooped in the "pear", he kinda sat there looking at me funny... then moved it around in his mouth before letting most of it dribble right back out onto his baju ...
He kept on saying this "eeeiiiii..eiii jijijiji..eiii jijiji".I started with"aeroplane motion" and it seemed to make Kazim a little more interested in what was going on.

Look at his face??He definitely had more on his baju than in his tummy
After that first try, I reward him by giving more breastmilk. :)

And of course I completed his breakfast or dinner by finishing him off on the breast milk.Jadi minggu pertama ni pear..lepas ni buah-buahan lain pulak ok.
I guess that's all.



Anonymous said...


can u tell me how to do puree pear..thanks..:)


fizamior said...

happy 6months kazim!!!!!
eat well, sleep well dear

Miss Little Myza said... geram tgk kazim ni..booolatyer..muahhhss kat pipi. dia...

Ella said...

happy 6th mth kazim.

dear.. nti bila2 u free, buat entry recipe foods for kazim eh.

Pink Stilettos said...

eh the Bumbo seat yg i kasi tu blue color ek? i rasa macam hijau (aqua or something).. ke mata haku sparrow skek ;p huhu