Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fatin's Breakfast and Movie Party

Kazim and I attended Fatin'Surprised Movie Party at Platinum Movie Suites,Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara..Fatin who turned err...17??27? .. was given a surprise birthday party by her loving husband--Shanaz and friends. Kami naik cab sbb Apeng takda.Kami sampai awal..sebelum kul 10 pagi dah jadi mascot kat situ..huhuhu.
Sampai je sana Kazim pon terus morning nap.
Here are some of our favourite shots from Fatin's birthday.

While waiting for Fatin's arrival,Im exploring the venue(and yeahh Im enjoying the facilities too!) because it was my first time there..Macam-macam adaa..ada massage chairs, computers for Internet surfing, and an X-Box to keep you occupied while waiting for the movie.OK..stop being jakun Fadd..huhuhu!! In addition,the lounge is also Wi-Fi enabled..and YUPS..all seats in the cinema are huge and comfy with reclining back and leg rests!Marvelous!
Met Byzura, Suzie, Steph and few other friends there.

Fatin's husband and her friends did a superb job of organizing the party.The catering was by Cineleisure.
Party favors ! cool kan?one for me..
and for Apeng!
It was 11am..and everybody was eagerly waiting for the birthday girl to show up..

Candles are lit
Look at her! She surprise tak?U better say yes sbb I dah penat dtg....naik cab lagi tau!
Blowing out the candles.make a wish darling!
As usual..Kazim and his own world.Semua org masuk tgk Ironman 2..kami masuk la kejap pastu Kazim dah start BORINGGGG~..pastu bawak kuar dan...Kazim terus buat aktiviti kegemarannya.
Look at me people!
Fatin aka my neighbour!
Love this photo! Sbb muka Kazim..tgh concentrate habis.
tgk Kazim..tak habis2

Last but not least, happy sweet 17th. and thanks to Shanaz ,Fatin and others...oopsss( go and find out urself how old is she!)
What can I say?...Great party with a wonderful group of people!
Definitely a great day was had by all!


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FADDD!!! Thanks for coming all the way!! Klau tahu shud have just pick u up!