Monday, May 31, 2010

Sambutan Hari Lahir Emmy di Subak

Venue: Subak,Bukit Lanjan
Occasion : Surprise Birthday Party
My dear friend Emmy turned 26 years old in May, and we threw her a surprise party at Subak Restaurant. It was our first time there.It was recommended by Diella.
To anyone who have been to Tamarind Springs, Subak has the same concept which is dining in tropical surrounding.

Emmy supposedly had no idea we were throwing her a surprise "soiree" for her 26th birthday - allegedly, she thought Hafez took her out for teh tarik.I bet she really had no idea judging by the way she dressed...ermm..

HOWEVER, I have to give absolute credit to-- loving couple--Farez &Maya and also Alif for their punctuality and being patient.
"I became fascinated with insects sounds..arghh thank god mommy put insects repellent on my baju!""uhh guys..Im 6 months old and..Im on milk diet but the food looks...yummy!"

Getting ready!Arranging the party favor,balloons,cakes and candles

It was nearly 9pm, led by Hafez, from our table we could see Emmy was taking in the new surroundings.We knew that it was her first time there as well. By the time she walked towards our table her facial expression changes when she saw same balloons and received a bouquet of fresh flowers. Ohh wait! I didnt know Hafez is a Mat Bunga until that moment cos all this while I couldnt see his potential. Good job Hafez!!!


the birthday girl
Look at how happy she was!
I hope you cherish the moment babe!

As usual..make a wish!Ohh wait! I know what's in your mind!
Happy couple..ohh yes..I can smell nasi minyak oredy!
"Ohh..mommy ..Im still wide awake!!"
"..and Im still want to play...."

Go and check here for menu.Makanan biasa jer.. I'm a fussy eater so dont bother with my words.As for me, nothing impress NORMAL.
We'd settled for this: Kuew Teow and Nasi Goreng( sorry I forgot the pic)
This one OK..
Lamb shank & Beef Ribs were ordered by others.I asked them..they said "BIASER JER"
There is nothing great about the food, the standard was..err OK but the crowds that counts!

Definitely a wonderful night was had by all! Hopefully, our friendship continue to grow as years to come..



LiLy said... ur silent reader....
love reading ur blog...since im also a new mommy...heheh...
i like ur pics as well, if u dun mind can i know what model of camera that u r using? Plz.....

Drama Mama said...

bestnya. you all ni kalau buat surprise memang manjadi kan. sungguh2. :-)

kazim macam fascinated ja tengok sana sini.

jetsetter said...

hi lily
im using D80 nikom..
hope that helps!

nemazselesz said...

speechless!!! :):):)
thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fadd!! ;p