Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aktiviti sebelum tidur yang nyenyak

Hi all!
YUPS..bedtime stories!Here's a picture of him enjoying his "father& son momento".A bonding session out of his busy schedule. Tell you what, our son really enjoy it! Kalau masa Apeng takda and I bacakan cerita-cerita dalam buku tu..dia kurengg sket suka..huhuhu.. DADDY"S BOY!!Tak percaya? Tgk muka Kazim ni!
Lookie!Im reading Mommy!
Err..Papa reads ..Kazim dengar je

So tomorrow Kazim is officially more than half-a-year old. That sounds so much older than 7 months' to me. :-) He's really starting to change more quickly now..ooohh well time flies!

Ok peeps..more and more!



The Queen Bee said...

alaa comellnyeee

nani said...

nampak cheeky la kazim ni