Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kazim..Ohh Please!

Hi all,
Remember I told ya about Kazim and sleep training?
Well, Kazim is given breast or EBM at 630pm-7pm, then we give him a bath at 7pm-730pm, then put on his PJ and and yes, let him sleep by himself
.After that time, if he wakes up we won’t bring him outside the room even if he’s wide awake.Kalau bawak luar bilik pon, we make sure lampu malap.With this regular routine, it is easier for us to read his cues..We started to put him on a regular routine since he was..err 2 days old :-)Took me..err maybe a few days to establish the routine.As a new mom, I really hope my boy sleeps through the night. . ( ni I buat kat Kazim..huhuhu), Kazim is given cluster feeding( let say give breast at 7pm and 9pm and give him another at 1130pm), which means literally nurse him in his sleep, pick him up without waking him up and put him down when finished.
Kdg2 bagi EBM yg pumped masa waktu pagi ..dia minum punya :-)
He would tentatively wake up at 4am or 5am to feed (sometimes tak bgn pon)and then wake up fully at 7am.

During his growth spurts, his sleeping pattern has been all over the place. For instance, he would sleep from 730 or 8pm to 9pm ONLY!! and then wake up and won’t sleep until 12am or something ridiculous like that..pastu kdg2 bangun nangis2...yang mcm mengigau ke haper..pastu kdg2 nangis sekuat hati.. . I knew he wasn't hungry because he just finished his milk so it was ONLY a mixture of manjaness and wanting to be cuddled.Lepas dah kena angkat tu, bila dia dah tak merengek, terus letak balik. Pastu kdg2 dia merengek balik, pastu ulang siaran la benda yg sama sampai la dia tidur dengan sendirinya.Angkat letak..angkat letak..
...And then the next day he would crash and have a long day nap...gosh!
In addition to that, Kazim is nursing more frequently and I tell you..he is drinking A LOT!!!

So anyways, Kazim will be turning 6 months soon.
More updates on his weaning process later!



dd said...

hi... fadd...
saje nak tu tanye if i'm not mistaken u still when to the gym time u pregnantkan khazim kan... kat sana u just do yoga or buat normal xercise cam biasa (safely, of course) ? thnx
tk care

jetsetter said...

hi dear!
Yupss..I went to ONLY yoga classes...:-) dont worry selamat punya :-)
Swimming pon bagus!

salzahari said...

comelnya KAzim dlm gmbr dear, i dulu pun train Aliah (at same time, i can get my beauty sleep) as 'early' as 1month old (mcm cara u buat). she slept 8.30-9.00 am till 2.00 am, then woke up for BF and continued her sleep till 6.30- 7.00 am! heaven tell u,pegi keja segar bugar x mcm org ada anak kecil!

tapi as she enter 1 yr old, her routine changed..8.30 to 9.30.and at her age 2 yrs 8 now,she try to extend her sleep routine as long as possible and that turns me crazy!!

as mother,we have to get ready and adapt to the new routine....huhuu! she's no more baby! she's a 'young lady'...

Anonymous said...

good train la sis.ammar pn sama.after maghrib mmg da tutup first he cried out loud sbb da biasa byk lampu kat hospital,but later,he adapt himself.bile mau ketemu ni?hehe

Diyana Zulkifli said...

kdg2 bukan apa,dieorg nak bermanja2.saje je melalak minta diangkat..hehe

The Queen Bee said...

soooo comelll!! geram2

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

weaning off? u nk stop bf ker?

.small shoes. said...

hahahha.. was about to ask d same Q.. wewaning off frm ape?? takkan bf kot! anyway, as they grow up the sleeping pattern change abit coz the require les n less sleep as they grow up. and drink more n more too! haha but soon dia will start on solid.. so no worries.

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

comelssss.. as always! :P

Ablen Eusoff said...

weaning off u nak stop BF?