Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kazim lagi

Kazim teman mommy main game
ok sweetheart, time for your nap!mommy wants to continue playing games
Dear readers,
Sorry for the lack of updates nowdays.It's just that lately, I've been so busy..ermm...okeh let me confess here, Im so addicted to FB games *big grin*( yeah, Im not busy with my boy even though Kazim completely fascinates me everyday!)
But anyhoo, Kazim is growing too fast! He's now 2 weeks old.The last time we checked his weight was 3.49kgs( it was last week).For the mommy, yeah, Im in a healthy condition as usual except Im not a" sleeping beauty" anymore!
Of course,we have sleepless night but since we are kind of expecting it,not much complaint in that department.
So far, his sleeping pattern is predictable( that's explain why I put him on my-so-called routine structure )Thus, we dont have a problem to read his cues.

Getting ready to the hospitalmembesar bagai johan!
Well,parenting is not a one day lesson, it wont happen in a day or months,what's more important is the learning process and experience.

In addition,all the pantang being supervised by Ummi.Mumsy is a sweet person.She helps me to boil 'air periuk', tungku for me, urut2, masak2, prepare my pantang meals...everything! ( yeahh..u know I love Mumsy when she is around).

Okeh dah, yours truly nak main game!
More on Kazim later!

p.s: My dear friend Haneem, I wish all the best.. U r strong, I know you can :-)Good luck darling!



haneem said...

My dear Fadd, thanks for your support. Can't wait to share upcoming experience with u.. =)
Hugs and kisses for Kazim and u too!

f.i.e.z.a said...

cita la pasal kazim byk mana pun we wont get bored my dear..semua nak tau cita baby boy tu..hehe :)

Mrs. Amie said...

Cute little Kazim.. go healthy! u take care Fadd

LEENEEL said...

Nak datang tgk Kazim lagiiiii boleh??

LEENEEL said...

Ehh, actually I rindu you jugakkk. Kiss kiss


Kazim encemm...hehehe..Kita exchange link k..I dah add u...Take care dear!!

Drama Mama said...

dah nampak kehenseman kazim ni, abeh la jadi heart throb lepas ni. hehe..

best tak berpantang? haha

mom to be said...

hi fadd, I just wanted to know whether u attended any antenatal class before? if u did, where did you go? coz im looking for one. thanks

jetsetter said...

Mom to be
Hi darling..I tak gi any classes or antenatal class ke hape tu sbb tak sempat!
But I rasa most hospital dah ada ..urmm u try la go tmpt u bersalin :-) and ask em sbb mmg ada selalunya.I mmg teringin tp,,tulah dah tak sempat kot.

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