Sunday, November 29, 2009

Surat Cinta..lagi???

Dear Kazim,
Happy one month old! The time passed so quickly, but yet it seems like we have been a family of three for a long time( of course, Kazim 9 months dlm tummy Mommy kan?Mana mommy pergi, Kazim ada kan).And now, at four weeks old, you are sleeping in your crib eventhough you still prefer to be held during your daytime naps. And while I know you need to learn to nap on your own, as I hold you close to me and watch you sleep I want to just keep you there in my arms and try to memorize every little thing about you.

And being the cuddler that you are, the BabyBj√∂rn is right up your alley. And I guess it’s all a good thing, since we have a lot of traveling planned for the next few months (or less).
Come on Kazim, I hope you still remember, kita ke sana sinun, igt tak?Mommy wanted to tell you that mommy& papa have been married for almost 4 years now, and Im glad you are one month now!Mommy gembira sgt2 sbb 3rd anniversary mommy dapat celebrate dgn Kazim( yes, you are still in my tummy)

We went to Perhentian Island..( yea mommy suka sbb Besut kampungku!(Of course kazim, most of the time, when you are bf, mommy talks in 'besut loghat"..dok gitu?:p) And we traveled by car for almost 7 hours?And you were doing fine!Thanks for bearing with me. We spent one night in Kuala Besut before boarding a boat to Perhentian Island the next day. Walau bilik tu biasa2 jer, tp bersih kan?

We endured our approximately 40 mins bumpy speedboat to arrive at Long Beach on Perhentian Kecil Island.We settled at one of the chalet with attached bath for RM100 and dump our bags before going to explore the rest of the area.Ohh, mmg kdg2 mommy menyesal sgt naik boat tu, mcm nak tercabut perutku ini.Tp nak buat mcm mana, benda dah jadi kan. Alhamdulillah semua selamat.And to you Kazim, thanks for staying with me!
Our room at Perhentian Kecil is very basic, nothing fancy.Boley lah, just to rest our sleepy heads here.Kan mommy dah ckp, kita semua nak jadi ala2 backpackers kan?Nnti bila Kazim dah besar we go again..okeh.

Friendly staff!
the beach..sgt lah shantekkk...Apart from sunbathing( which Mommy tak suka langsung sbb nnti pedih satu badan tp Kazim boleh ikut Papa sbb Papa ok lalala je kalau berjemur!) the most popular activities on the islands are snorkeling and diving.
heading along the beach for a cocktail before dinner time.

The sand is indeed white, the seas are blue, and it is a perfectly idyllic holiday destination to rest and relax.
Mommy & Papa suka bersuka ria sambil beramah mesra kat pantai ..

Next, we spent 2 nights at Coral Beach, Perhentian Besar.It is much smaller and compact than long beach.Kat situ ada kedai makan yg murah, Mama Chalet, almost everynight kita mkn situ kan. Everthing on the island has to shipped including the supplies of food which arrive from the mainland on a daily basis, so no wonderlah rega pon mahal sikit kan.Remember the time that Papa refused to stay at the first chalet that we already paid because of the momok?Thus, Papa willing to pay extra and upgrade the room.With no TV, mommy and papa mmg berchenta habis la..borak2, makan2, main game..
with 5 months++ pregnant belly

In the boat...snorkeling time! We were amazed at seeing lots of very colourful fish and corals around plus we also got to swim with sharks and green turtles.Mommy had to jump into the sea couple of times and I know you love it!No wonder Kazim suka bubble bath kan..Kazim suka sgt mandi time, sampai bila mommy angkat Kazim nangis2 kan.Oh ya lagi satu,org kata suara Kazim kuat..hmmm mungkin sbb Mommy bnyk sgt dengar lagu Faizal Tahir kot..huhuhu..
I know that I might not have been the best mom so far or yet , but I’m getting there and noticing such an improvement with myself. As you nap away right now, I hope that you are having sweet dreams and I’ll be right there when you wake up.

P/S Looking forward to celebrate our 4th anniversary with U, Kazim. Although mommy loves having romantic dinner with papa, U are most welcome to join. :)



Lea Shmea said...

happy coming anniversary to u both! baby kazim is such a lucky one. belum lahir pun, parents dia dah bawak pegi holiday merata2. hehe.

zahra said...

Ya Allah, bestnya blog nie...!!

f.i.e.z.a said...

owh ive been wanting to go to redang for sooo long.entah bila rezeki nak dtg sana...

dialicious said...

alahai comel sgt surat u ni okieeee!mama romantisss

Anonymous said...

congratz on ur coming 4th ann sis ;).kazim sure love to join both of u ;)

CikChelsea said...

ada momok apa kt p.besar?
nampak ke? dgr ke?

abg ku itu mmg penakut!
remember when we watched "the wig" dulu, dia tutup muka dgn tshirt? kah kah kah

Drama Mama said...

wahhh u went snorkelling when preggy. terrer la! salute!

bb kazim nanti dah besar make sure u tag along wherever ur parents go okay! haha

yaNa MaLeK said... letter yg best..bile kazim bace sure happy :)

haneem said...

=) i love this entry..