Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Ritual

Did anyone notice the scenery and table setting? Give urself a pat at the back if u guess Phoenix Restaurant, Equatorial Bangi. Its our first time having dim sum over there after strong recommendation from Kak Fuz and Abg Ha. Maybe, they knew the place from one of the papers but a good place to eat is not that hard to find out. :) We've tried a few places before but we can assure u that this is the place if u have a craving for dim sum.
This is just a few example of delicious menu on offer. My other half is too busy browsing through the menu selecting our next dish. Its up to a point where i have to ask him to snap a few pic. hehehe.. His reason is simple, RM48++ is better worth spending.. :)
Sebelum balik, kita org sempat berposing sekejap. Can u see the big grin plastered on our faces? Full stomach, nice service and money well spent. :)
Happy Ramadhan...



Ninie said...

cute nya posing gmbr yg last tu...sedapnya nmpak..yummie2

i AM a Bonda to Be said...

i loveee dimsum

lagi satu tempat yg best nak mati is pj hilton.

i taktau laa...i rase sini sgtttt sedap. i can go there like everyday. hehe

duit je la kene save. ahha