Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Makan Dan Pasal Mengandung

Hi everyone!
Here are the photos at Verde's Raya Open House.Semua-semua cantik belaka.Tuan rumah pun cantik the boom, rumah pun cantik juger..deco jugak sgt ceria( Okeh, let me confess here, baby blue and pink are my fav. colour !)

Were there by 4pm( sungguh lambat sekali sbb Leen ada hal dgn family). Sanggup ye I tunggu you berjam tau Leen!Habis basah ketiak I :p
I love this colour combination.Baby blue+Pinky winky. Ceria jer.

Roses..ouch my favourite too!

Mr.Doc also a talented cendol maker :-) Bravo!

What's so funny Leen?I guess Leen gonna loves this photo..kan kan?Sweet nyerrr muka you.Mcm candy!
All in all, I had fun meeting Verde again.Thanks for inviting us!Oh I have pantun for you,
"Budak-budak main perigi,
Tahun depan jgn lupe ajak lagi!"

Pregnancy Diaries

I had my 38 weeks check-up this morning at Tropicana Medical Centre, Kota Damansara.The nurse then proceeded to weight me, took my blood pressure and ran a urine test.Everything was fine, alhamdulillah.Baby's head is now 2/5ths engaged which I should be in labor anytime.The GP proceeded with the cervical checkup and found out that my V already 1-2cm dilated( but Im not 100% effaced yet).The baby movement, breathing, blood flow and fluid all looked good.

I am so grateful for everyone's support and encouragement while staying off my feet.I could not have done it without you guys and family.From visits, messages,phone calls and...what was such a tremendous help and this is the reason I have made it this far.Thank you,thank you!

My husband cant wait for our baby's arrival but there's nothing much we can do other that keep waiting..



n33za said...

dearr!!!dh dekat sgt nih!i plak excited...

Lea Shmea said...

wow u're in your 38th week and already 1-2 cm dilated? lucky u! i dulu kan kak, dah past due date pun baru 1 cm dilated. haha. dont worry bout the pain. it's not so bad. trust me.

Drama Mama said...

oh ur 2cm dilated but not feeling much yet eh, that's good news. just walk a lot and pray a lot okie, insyaAllah we'll see little you and apeng very soon!

salzahari said...

go go girl! jgn takut..Insyallah will go thru naturally. doakan tanpa komplikasi! jgn lupa minta maaf pd suami terchenta (paling penting) serta ibu bapa dll. May Allah with u!

yaya said...

oh fadd, i harap u bersalin dengan mudah. Percayalah, saat melahirkan baby is the greatest moment in ur life!

LEENEEL said...

ecehhh pandai berpantun... baru i tau!

hanee said...

Hai Fadd,
Need ur email la. Wanna share something with u. Or u can email thanks =)

jetsetter said...

Hane, :-)

Anonymous said...

saye plak xsabar kak.cepat2 baby K kuar tau ;)