Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bayi Mandi

Dear Readers,
Forgive me for the delay. What a week this week, a fair few ups and downs really this week. My dear friend, Leen( she's the mastermind..I guess) threw a SURPRISE BABY SHOWER at my place last week.Leen and other girls (as I mentioned earlier) surprised me with fantasy baby shower decorations and gifts.It was sweet and thoughtful of them.
"This is exactly what I want...:-)"
I have to say, it was wonderfully and perfectly planned because I did not even get a hunch that it was going to happen.

Ive told my husband a few weeks before Raya that I wanted to organize my own baby shower...but later I forgot :p, a non-surprise is a safer bet- gives me a chance to review my guest list, themes, colours,decors..and etc. As for more, we love organizing makan-makan, hmm get together and chit-chat..ouch, I just love!
So here goes the story..

"Esok kita kuar tau"
"U takgi physio ke? U hantar I gi gym boleh? I duk rumah camm penat la, better gi gym"
"Ehh tak payah la gi gym..duk rumah jer..Pastu kan nak kuar"
"Ala.. kejap je..before 12pm camtu I balik lah."

YES, that what happened that day.We supposed to go out due to Raya Open house at my aunt's place andMommy's house.After he picked me up, he told me to stop by at our place to get his camera.I was like..
" oohh mannnn..aper la mamat ni!..nak balik rumah pulak!"
He asked me to follow him upstairs.I was too lazy to do so.
"naik lah jap..sbb I tatau mana camera tu.."

He gave me the key.At first, I heard baby's voice
"Zahra ada kt dlm rumah ke?Apsal ada suara baby?"
So I came through the door and the scene that greeted me was a fully decorated living room complete with balloons, banners and everything! And I was so startled because, well for starters, they shouted “Surprise!” and for another I couldn’t believe they had gone out of their way to throw me a baby shower! I was so touched!
I was so shocked ( sampai rasa...fenin lalat campur sgt2 sedih, nasib tak pingsan yeeee)
and darlings, I tak nak nangis adalah.

You guys did an awesome job dressing up my place.

Beautiful Dieah and me.Your gift, sgtlah buatkan I teruja.Seryes, I takda lagi benda tu!Sgt suka..the colour pon I suka jugak.
Ni la first time jumpa Ladyverde.Cantikkkkk sgt dia..We had fun, snap photos here and there, pastu main game.Tp paling bnyk menang Syauqi&Hanim.Ayyo, mmg terer!

Thanks for the lovely and encouraging message.I was floored with the gift card by them along with an awesome romper,baby blankets, baby washcloth,baby bottle holder ..
Oh yea..Im continually amazed!
Leen broughtalong her favourite nieces-Iman and Amal.
I paling suka hadiah you Verde...ohh I mean..THAT LV :p

She's always my..hmm how to say eh, kawan serbaguna.She's always there whenever I need her.Waktu susah, waktu senang, waktu gembira, waktu sedih.

Food juga sedap.Ada yg Leen masak, ada yg Ladyverde masak.Urmm...mmg best la semua2 tu!
and Shila, walau you tak dtg, sempat lagi ye bersusah payah buatkan gift ni. Mcm manalah I tak terharu kan.She even prepared party favours for everyone!
Last but not least, thank you so much darlings!! I just want to add a word of thanks.As am writing this, I had tears in my eyes. When I think back to all these memories ..Im glad I still have a bunch of people that love and care about me.
I am still in awe..until today:-). Alhamdulillah, I am truly blessed to have you guys as my friend.
Again, many thanks to Leen,Hanim, Ladyverde,Dieah,Shila, Redza,Syauqi..Yaya and all those who had a hand in preparing orkeeping it a secret! By the way, I know not everyone was able to make it as the day apparently Saturday.It was such a fun day and I really enjoyed myself. Thank you( again and again!!!) to everyone who came and participated in this surprise baby shower! And thanks so much to Leen who took all the time to organise such a wonderful baby shower! :')
And of course huge thanks to my husband for keeping this as a secret!Boooooo~:p.
Now,I am 37 weeks, hmm wish me luck guys!

Much love,


f.i.e.z.a said...

u sungguh bertuah i must say!
w this kind of suprises sapee laa yg x terharu tol tak?ehehe

good luck fadd.muah muah!

Mrs. Kown said...

i was looking forward to join, macam eksaited lah nak jumpa bloggers for real, tapi last minute adam admitted. maybe next time tunggu bday party anak sapa2 pulak ke. kuikuikuikui. or bile you dah due? boleh visit baby ;)

Anonymous said...

kak fadd,can't wait for ur baby to flop out.hehe..remember to stay calm during delivering tau,everything will be fine.insyaAllah..

dialicious said...

ur welcome Fadd..we wanna see u in good health w a heathy when ur in the labour room soon..selawat,baca doa byk2..igt Tuhan,igt family dan lastly ingat baby shower yg sgt happening itu yea!heheh..we love u!

Pink Stilettos said...

sorry i couldn't come that day! wish i was there... i teringin nak rasa tart leen buat. huhuu

e-caR NazRin aka ibuEiymann said...

i yg baca nie pun rasa best jer kena surprise cam giteww..

erm..dh x lame lg dah bby nk kuar.. msti x sbr kan..but then, lps tue msti u rindu saat2 bby kt dlm pewott..uwaaa..nie yg rs nk preggie lg..huhu..

btw, i ade nmpk u kt Verde's open hse aritue..u so suwitt..b4 dis i ade msuk gaks blog, cmne nk follow u ek..??

tk care hokeyy..

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said... worries darling :)

a sweet girl deserves a sweet treat :D
i enjoyed myself to d max aswell :) it was n honour to meet up w u guys...
n yeah cant wait to meet ur little prince charming :D