Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Hidden Treasure


Once again I oblige my company order
They say my service is needed here
I board again the old rickety bus
Heading towards where I was
Its where I belong, right here, among all of us.

In the meantime I met a few girls
Knowing some of them by chance
I did not realize how fast time flies
Just like "a bullet leaving a guns"
One day, somehow I feel so shy
Shy to a cheerful girl that really loves to dance.

What I could say about her
The only girl that looks good on fur
So concern to me even though I don't have a fever
"Aim for the best" is her best lecture
To materialize it make things harder
She will work hard to ensure the outcome even better
That's why I regard her as my all time favourite motivator.

Her pointed nose makes people envy
Her pair of eyes are so lovely
Her long straight hair hanging freely
Her smile makes me happy
To top it all she walks gracefully.

She do things that a bit crazy
When she flirts, people become frenzy
She can be associated with loyalty
But miles away from the words lazy
I keep saying to myself that I am so lucky.

Her nickname is Fadd
She spoke well showing her maturity
Watch out her smile gonna catch you off guard
She is real not a fantasy.

Lately, she's behaving quite strangely
Testing my patience to the maximum
But, only her is my princess beauty
And that is what I have told my mum.

I am going to marry her
One day its gonna be proven
Because, for me she is an angel sent down from heaven...

Aman @ Apeng

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yaya said...

fadd, touching betul baca setiap barisan ayat....

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

awww soo sweet =)

Drama Mama said...

this is real sweet :-D

n33za said...

so sweet!

Anonymous said...

kak fadd,ur apeng seems very romantico d amour.hehe..

LEENEEL said...

Aman, sungguh indah dan puitis. Every single lines!

Aman & Fadd : Wish you both happily ever after.

atulhani said...

so lovely and romantic. Fadd, is he sent it to you before you guys getting married, isnt he?

salzahari said...

ni bila Apeng bagi ni...

bery touching...very direct from the heart!

* i do envy u now..U're pregnant! ;)

dialicious said...

wuhuuuuuu..bestnyeeerrr!u r d luckiest fadd!

blackrimmedyaris said...

this is so sweet!

jetsetter said...

Harusla b4 kahwin hantar tu..hihihi :p.Tp mmg sweet kan.Sampai skang I duk pk..wahh tak sangka suami ku jugak puitis.

Kdg2 u never know laki kita ni boleh jd puitis camni.Ntah2 soki&Johan pun sama ..kan??U all saja taknak citer kannn kannnn :p
Liana, ala..aboo pun bukan sweet gakk ke?Dahla kwn ngn mama..harus pandai berpuitis :p.Mana tau kena tempias husni :p

Drama mama and Yaya,Inche,Leenel& Diah
Thanks!I pun actually terkejut bila baca laki I tulis ni sbb dia tak pernah romantik bila berkata2..hahah..Tiba2 boleh tulis poems lakk tuk I..fuhh "cair wa cakap "

chics said...


CikChelsea said...

bangga dgn dikau wahai abang

ok, serius bangga. kembangkan idong sket, ngehhh~

shoe-addict-mom said...

the sweetest!!

derqdnl said...

hi! adakah ini fadd yg 1 kelas dgn saya semasa stf, 4b selama 4 bulan sy di sana?


schazwany hameed said...

awwww.................so sweeet!!!


derqdnl said...

wow jumpa jugakkk! hihi. suka tgk perut kau fadd! comel gila. all the best okeh! xoxoxo

Erwan & Siti said...

A tiny angel sent from above...has come to fill your heart with love!!! CONGRATULATIONS AMAN & FAD!!!!!On your new born baby...Wishing you a joyful time with the little one

mas said...

alhamdulillah..sume slamat...
have a great confinement....!!!
yey...da slamat...