Monday, October 26, 2009


Dear readers,
I met this pretty girl at my class( God knows how I love seeing beautiful girls:p). We were talking about my pregnancy and all of sudden while looking at my belly button, she said:
"I'd been considering a belly button piercing for quite a while but.."
"Im planning to get married and have a baby this year!So, kalau dah pregnant cannot have mehh..Sakit lorr nnti perut kembang.Last2 tak pakai juga"
"Well, you can always do after your labor day darl!I heard you cannot bend over real well for a few days."
"Yes yes, it's true!My friend had a little tenderness for about a week!!Imagine that?But we're best friend maaa..nak buat sama2!See, I ada tattoo with my bestfriend, the same one.!"
"Whoa,Ouch,it's hurt man!What for?Does this tattoo mean anything to you?"

Silent.I was pulsed.
Tiba-tiba tangan kananku terus terpegang telingaku.?Yeah, I have 2 ears pierced.The first one when I was small. Everytime I put my hand to my ears, I think of...HER.I was in high school and I had ears pierced for the second time together with my best friend. She's a darling to me.
( ohh it doesnt mean that Im lesbo peeps..)

Our friendship began when we were at high school.We had the same passions, we argued vehemently and just as vehemently stuck together.What a flood of memories that my "ears pierced"brought!I have thought of her more and more over the years although our contact had grown less apart.
As for me this ears pierced brings personal images and hold meaning to me.
I miss her dearly.

Time flies, I met Diella when I was in Uni year.We had fun together,the best part, all her ex-es became my "abg angkat".Whether it's a birthdays, break-ups and make-ups, we are always there for each other to applaud,offer advice and lend support. How I missed those days.As for me, this "abg angkat" brings personal meaning to me :p

I came upon the photograph during our trip to( alamak lupa nama waterfall tu hape!Tp kat Pahang kan?). Bestnya time tu!Syauqi nampak kurus jugak la kan :p
I met this wonderful girl through my husband( sbb dia bini Syauqi) She's my " traveling partner"(sbb kami pergi berjalan bersama, meredah hutan ke air terjun okeyyy..) Needless to say,Im so happy that I knew her.She's a friend that hug me when I need one and when I need to be left alone, she gave me space.She instinctively knew what to do!

Then, I met Jenan members and their wife( they are such adorable and amazing people!) We click instantly.
I always knew I had a great friends in my inner circle but what surprised me was, how people I barely knew(YES dear bloggers!!!) "click" to me.Plus, I feel like knowing you guys for ages!

Then came along Leen and many more person that so important in my life.Nonetheless they are everything that I hoped for.Leen is always around and watching over me( even sampai termimpi diriku dah nak beranak. .kan kan).We might not see each other everyday, but you hold a special place in my heart, Leen.Nak cerita kebaikan Leen, sampai esok pon tak habis! Yg penting, she's sooooooooo wonderful inside and out!You suka budak-budak kan, boleh la you jaga anak I kan kan?:p

Now, I see how lucky I am, blessed with the greatest friends!

note:Million thanks to isteri-isteri/gf kawan-kawan kerja/batchmates suamiku, thanks for support and comfort although we only knew each other in a short period.
And to you Fiza..I wish I can blog about you, thank you for helping me through the good and bad times, you know la kan, we share so many things together kan ?

Pregnancy Diaries
As you can see, I have few days to go.I will have my 39 weeks++ appointment tomorrow morning and nak kata..MENCI GILLER KALAU DOCTOR SELUK HAKU PUNYA V!
Okeh Zip.Enough!Oh ya, my dear readers, sorry for all wrongdoings( mana tersalah kata, tersilap bahasa ke hape..sorry..sorry sgt2) Im not perfect.

Will update after balik check up esok ye :-)

P.s:Aristotle's definition of friendship is the image of one soul dwelling in two bodies.



f.i.e.z.a said...

terharu plak aku baca ni fadd.yup we shared a lot of ups n downs during the uni years.gelak sama, mkn sama, cuci baju sama nangis pun sama2..
thanx to u too for being a very wonderful friend. =)

Anonymous said...

yup,fren will always be important person in our life.fren is a good bra huh?hehe..holds u up when u r down ;)

LEENEEL said...

This is really sweet of you dearr..

Many thanks to Aima & Cobain, as I know you thru them back in 2005.

Friendship forever. I love u more!

LEENEEL said...

Ehhh..baru perasan, comel lak pic i nihh.

Anyways, u banyak hutang I photos from various event tau. Bila nak bagi?