Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Masanya sudah hampirrrrr..Saya takut.

Dear Readers,
My pregnancy was fantastic.I didn't felt sick.I was putting on the right weight.I was blooming.Each scans showed that our little boy was doing amazing.Alhamdulillah.The countdown has begun.My husband is glows with excitement and anticipation.The only problem is, IM SCARED...I mean it..Im terrified!I have to be honest here.Malas nk control hebat ke hape..dah tentu2 first time pastu tak pernah tahu ape rasa lantak la..dgn jujur sekali nak kata.Saya sgt takutttttttttttttttt.YES Im a scaredy cat. I don't know what to expect or what's going to happen or how bad the pain will be.Excited,happy..?I have to say...not at all :-(( maybe because Im scared to death)

Last week, Ive talked to MIL aka Emak.My MIL has given birth to 14 wonderful and successful sons and daughters.My MIL is among these strong few.All my husband' siblings are successful and highly educated, alhamdulillah,Gosh..I always admire how she is able to cope with everything that has happened, having 14 children and raising her children successfully.

Last time,I always tell myself that quality is better than quantity BUT, my MIL has both-quality and quantity.Ermm..respect lah! Tapi..kami tak berdaya nak ikut mak :p
She did gave me a few tips to get over my fears and anxiety.Of course, dua' and we have to pray to Allah( that's a must!no exception).Yg lain, bak kata my beloved K.In& K.Ija, cubalah selusuh asli :p.
I have heard that our hospital bag should be packed earlier, since the arrival can be highly expected. Also, I am 38 weeks now :-), my condition cannot be predicted.Anytime from now on, right?So YES, I already packed my stuffs. Also, it is important for me to get some rest and prepare for our bundle of joy's arrival.Let see what's inside my labor bag:-
    • Cloth to wear home/Maxi dress
    • Baju butang depan
    • Nightgown/pyjamas( jugak butang depan, senang nak breastfeed)
    • Sanitary pads
    • Breast pads
    • Toiletries
    • Socks
    • Shawl/Cardigan
    • Sandal
    • Nursing Bras & Panties
    • Kain sarung( sediakan jela...)
    • My bantal busuk!
  • Baby Essentials
    • Cloth to wear home(hat, mittens, socks...etc..)
    • Blanket
    • Diapers
    • Toiletries( we can share this actually,Im using the same brand)
    • Barut perut
    • dan sebagainya...
My Mi made "barut perut" herself

We already stocking up on baby clothes and other essentials/accessories for our new arrival earlier( Ohh..I mean..Apeng did most of the shopping, not me!)Lucky me, he loves doing that!The only thing that I chose..hmm Minyak Telon ONLY.The rest, apeng chose :-)

I love the smell

As for the nursery, it is in progress.This is our baby's cot by the way.Tadaaaaaaaaaaa~I know!I know,some babies have their sleep issues- they wont sleep in the cot.They prefer to sleep with us but I hope our baby will be able to sleep in his cot.Well, at least Im trying, kan?Im sorry sayang, you have no choice.

Despite having all those roller-coster emotions, our bundle of joy already has his name* big grin*( I guess ramai pon yg dah tahu..kann)After a brief discussion with Apeng,Insya-Allah I will deliver my baby at Tropicana Medical Centre, Kota Damansara.I have an appointment with my gynae at 915am,Wednesday.I hope everything will be fine.
Ermm..few hours to go.. better off to bed now.Will blog about it later.

p.s: Please pray for me!!



derqdnl said...

all the best fadd!

Ms Lola said...

Good luck!

f.i.e.z.a said...

since i have no exp myself, xtau nak komen apa.byk doa k darl..i know u can do kata kuar jek baby semua sakit tu hilang..
i'll pray for u of course :)

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

i doakan u n ur baby kedua2 nya selamat...semoga u sakit xlama...n baby cepat kuar :)
go go fadd!!!

Drama Mama said...

take care dear. believe me, the fear will always be there no matter how many times u give birth, at least that's what i heard.

no matter what, be strong k dear. think of the joy u'll have upon seeing the little bundle of joy. all the best, i'll be praying for u :-)

suryati said...

hi fadh (sorry if wrong spelling), i am one of ur silent reader, blog hoping from Munirah's blog. love reading ur writing because it is so positive.

anyway just wud like to wish u gud luck and hope that everything will be ok.

keep us update yer, when the lil'prince arrive.

sueliah said...

harap2 sume di permudahkan & selamat tuk u, same la kta i pon tgh tunggu ari je tuk deliver cuma i ni nk deliver anak no.3 tp perasaan takut tu sma cam nak kuar ank no.1, tido mlm pn mimpi ngeri je...hehehe

Lea Shmea said...

dont worry kak fadd. u'll go through it like a champ! :)

will be praying that everything goes well. take care. xo.

Diyana Zulkifli said...

fad, dah rs contraction blum neh?hehe.gud luck dear ;). tak sakit sgt mcm senggugut je..hehehe.donut dulu lg la,contraction pun rasa..sakit lepas bedah pun berani bet la,bile tgk baby nanti..trus ilang sume sakit2 tu..plink!:)

mas said...

moge sume selamat n lancar fadd....
fuh...xtau nk tulis ape....
tp berdoa utk kesihatan baby n fadd....

The Mrs-Bride said...

u'll do fine.. Good Luck dear! jgn lupa text i once dah bersalin tau. i'll pray for u. insyaAllah sume ok... just relax n doa byk2 okeh! hafal the doa 'lailahailaanta subhanakainnikuntum minalzolimin' tu... it worked for me during sakit2! insyaAllah.. take care! eiii.. x sabar nak tgk ur boy! mwahs! :D

BeLLaRieNa said...

kakak... mak doakan all the best... hope u and ur baby selamat... jgn lupa bgtau mak bila dah selamat ek...

Anonymous said...

Dear fadd,
im a silent reader.i read ur blog from time to time.juz wanna say gud luck on ur impending arrival. Bykkan doa insyaAllah everythg will work out fine u'll see:-)

~ZuE~ said...

hope everything goes well..take care ya.. :)

Anonymous said...

kak fadd,all d best.u can do it!chaiyokk!!

d i d a said...

Good luck to you Fadd..doa byk2! :)

blog hopping here and i am one of the Jenans. kawan donat hihi.

The Queen Bee said...

dulu masa i nak gi labor pun mcm2 i prepare from my baju to hariz.

but in the end, satu pun tak leh pakai kat hospital. They will give u hospital gown and also baju baby di hospital. tak tau pasal pe. i nak gak pakai baju sendri lg selesa. :D

Anonymous said...

fadd...good luck..ure rite about the bantal busuk, jgn lupa bawak balik umah dah ler,yelah sbb dah dpt baby baru ..mcm i , smpai nurse kejar nak bagi blik bantal busuk yg tertinggal sbb lupa..aidaryan..