Friday, October 9, 2009

Sabar noooo:p

Dear Readers,
Saja nak letak gambar dulu..kikiki.Seryes, nak blog about it tp 2-3 days ni asyik bz je( or buat2 bz:p)So, nnti SURPRISE BABY SHOWER I try blog after I tgk PAPADOM ptg ni :p

Hanis Surprise Birthday Meeting yg baru je smalam pon I try blog after tgk PAPADOM yer.Saya sgt excited nak tgk PAPADOM ni!!!, will you excuse me, I am so busy, Ayi&Anne dtg lunch dan beraya di I need to entertain them.Ohh sukanyaaaa...anyone nak dtg next time tak..JOM laa!
Message to Hanis:
"Kami tak lupa birthday you sweetheart,it is a matter of time je.Kita tetap celebrate jugak, lambat or cepat because we treasure our frenship :-)..and to Wani, get well soon darling.I heard you diarrhea .."

Much Love,

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The Queen Bee said...

thank you so much dearrrr huhu