Monday, October 26, 2009

Cuci The Musical

Dear readers,
Im officially 39 weeks today!Yups, still here. Tinggal seminggu je lagi.Jgn risau,kalau diriku dah gi hospital, harusla dah huppdate kt sini, okeh!*smile*

I really like Malaysian theater,dramas and movies( Especially directed by Afdlin Shauki).For the record, we know that Malaysian movies are making it hard to the market as budget are always pressuring and the support from cinemas and movie-goers or theater-goers are not bright.Anyway,we had fun on Saturday night( 24th October 2009)! Went to watch "Cuci The Musical" at Istana Budaya.
The show started around 845pm.What can I say?FUNNY!!!I started to laugh uncontrollably throughout the show :p Luckily no one taps me on the shoulder and yells :p( everyone was laughing too!),

It was entertaining show( least to me!), although the music was a bit too loud( or maybe this pregnant lady is too sensitive :p)
Thumbs up to Adibah Noor and Awie for their great singing voice!

Last but not least, kudos to Hans Isaac and his team for a wonderful show!

p.s: Kalau Beyonce tak cancel, harus dah gi jugak smalam!


Anonymous said...

ada hati lagi tu.kang masuk paper lak org bersalin mase konsert beyonce.miahahaha

Hana Yusuff said...

waa... byk betul program u ye..
aktif! insyaAllah,mudah2an senang bersalin nanti.

jetsetter said...

Oh I suka benda2 camni hihihi.