Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kami Bukan Hanya Kenal di blog :-)

Salam everybody!
This post also soo outdated :=)
I met Rinie..ermm..9 years ago. I knew her through my ex-scandal/bf/crushed,Mr. Brad Pitt..MUAHAHHAH BUT..listen here..I chose to marry Mr.Zaman Shukur.Gillerr perasannnnnnnn?~ Hahhah..But seriously, I knew Rinie through my ex*smile* AlthoughI hate my past relationship , Im so blessed and I did realized that's how I met Rinie.If not, I never would have met Rinie!I now firmly believed that everything happens for a reason.

She's a wonderful person inside and out.We met again after 9 years for the first time during his first son's birthday. Gosh, she's still the same person--sweet, kind, soft-spoken..(.OMG the list goes on)..and so pwettyyy!..ermm,needless to say, she's every guy's dream!
But anyways, the cukur jambul sgtla indah semuanya.The ceremony began with marhaban and cukur jambul in the morning and later,the arrival of guest who were warmly welcomed by Rinie's husband and families.

Upon completion of the cukur jambul ceremony, we were ushered to their dining areas to enjoy their sumptuous food spread.We were comfortably seated at around the tent.I met Anita( she's also my childhood friend), Aira,Diana, Kak Siti( my senior:=), Lea, Diah( yeahh I knew this gal so long too!) at Rinie's place. I cant believe I dont have any photos with Diah and Anita!DEMMIT!
.OKlah, let the photos do the talking :-)

isnt she so pretty?
Aira! wake up!! :p Dont seat and sleep :-p

It was truly a day. Akhir kata, again and again congrats to Rinie and husband on your second child! One of these day I hope we can enjoy each other company like the good old days.
Love you babe.


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